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Daniella Whyte Releases New Book, Thanks and Yes: 365 Days of Coffee Drinking and Grateful Living

Thanks and Yes isn’t as much a book about giving thanks as it is about living thankfully. Not the words of thanks which are cheap and usually insincere, but the attitudes and the actions, the thoughts and the behaviors, the intentions and the perceptions. This type of gratitude is what helps us to determine whether we look and live on the bright side of every encounter in life. Read more…

The Day After Thanksgiving (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 330)


1 Chronicles 16:34 (NLT)
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

With Thanksgiving behind us, it is easy to think less and less about the many things we have to be thankful for. The holiday of Thanksgiving peaks our interest because it is a day set aside especially and specifically for that reason. But when the day is over, the thanks should still be there even as many people rush stores and wait in long lines to gather up more stuff hours after they just through being thankful for what they already have. Read more…

Random Thoughts on Thanks (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 329)


“‘Enough’ is a feast.”
— Buddhist Proverb

I don’t think there is enough that can be said about gratitude and what it does to us on the inside. I also don’t think there will ever be a limited amount of things for which we can express our thanks. Every day we enter presents one thing or another by which we are humbled. The people, the places, the stuff, the events: All serve as an impetus for us to choose gratitude over greed. To let grace that is a mother of gratitude hijack us in the best possible way. Read more…

Choosing Gratitude In ALL Things (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 329)


1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NLT)
Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

If we would be honest, sometimes it is extremely hard to obey the “all” in that verse. Scripture tells us to “be thankful in all circumstances”. Most of us can express gratitude for many things. Those are mostly the things that are going well in our lives and the family members who are not sick and the long-awaited job promotion and the love you’re about to marry, and the sense of security that comes when everything is going according to plan. It is so easy to give thanks then. Read more…

Be Grateful (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/03/15)

Be Grateful (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/03/15)  (Right-click to download)

Be Grateful (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/03/15)
(Right-click to download)

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Prayer: Answering Us In the Best Way

prayer5 Read more…

Prayer: No Complaints

prayer2 Read more…

Daily Gratitude (Live. Pray. Hustle. 05/02/14)

Daily Gratitude (Live. Pray. Hustle. 05/02/14) (Right-click to download) Daily Gratitude (Live. Pray. Hustle. 05/02/14)
(Right-click to download) Read more…

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