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REST (Live. Pray. Hustle. 04/11/17)

REST (Live. Pray. Hustle. 04/11/17) (Right-click to download)

Those who trust in the Lord find rest for their souls. And it’s not the kind of rest as if you were sleeping. It’s the kind of rest where you feel a deep comfort and presence even when you’re not in church or in your safe zone. It’s like walking through the shadows of death but fearing nothing. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience unrest; you will — we all do. It just means that perfect rest is available to us even in the midst of the inevitable unrest.

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LOVE (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/14/17)

LOVE (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/14/17)
(Right-click to download)

We are required to love ourselves. We are commanded to love others. But no one is required to love us back. Because when we love, it should not be an obligation. When it becomes that, it ceases to carry meaning, show acceptance, and bear light. The fire and feeling that we call love is incomprehensible to our minds but perfect for our hearts and souls.


Declutter the Soul (Live. Pray. Hustle. 09/14/16)

Declutter the Soul (Live. Pray. Hustle. 09/14/16) (Right-click to download)

Declutter the Soul (Live. Pray. Hustle. 09/14/16)
(Right-click to download)

It isn’t enough just to clean our house if it’s our soul that’s cluttered.


All Blessings (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 155)

All Blessings

Numbers 6:24 (NLT)
“May the Lord bless you and protect you.”

Blessings come in many forms. Some things are visible and tangible. But most of the important things are invisible. They abide in our hearts and souls. Every good thing — like love, hope, and kindness — are blessings that we shouldn’t take for granted. Read more…

Can You Stand Firm? (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 5)

Can You Stand Firm

Luke 21:19 (NLT)
By standing firm, you will win your souls.

Patience is one of the most hated, yet one of the most needed qualities in our lives. Very simply, we hate to wait. Rarely do we run into another individual to whom patience comes easy. It’s not just a cliched phrase, however, “good things really do come to those who wait”, especially those who wait for God, on God, and in God.

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Finding Rest For Your Soul

finding rest for your souls


Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls (Matthew 11:29, NLT).

We live in a world that is so used to being in constant frenetic motion. Our heads ache from all the noise. Our eyes burn from the persistent visual engagement. Our face is weighted by the pressure to impress and be better than the next person. Our legs and arms have all but given up from the increased stress of running here and there and yon. Read more…

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