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Sorry, There Are No Fairy Tales Here (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 263)


“If we accept the reality that life is difficult, demanding and often painful, then the day-to-day living of it is no longer so onerous. In accepting life as it really is, we transcend it. Or, as they say on Wall Street, ‘The market has already discounted the bad news.’”
— Robert White

As a kid, you probably grew up reading fairy tales. You know the ones where the prince finds the princess and brings her to life with a kiss, or the rags to riches story where everything is difficult before it magically gets better. Those stories were beautiful. So beautiful and heart-warming, in fact, that we aim to read them to our children too. We’ll take them to the movies to see the big screen bring it to life for them as well. And when we take them back home, our little girls will imagine themselves to be princesses and our boys will dream of being a hero. Read more…

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