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The One In the Arena (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 348)


“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again…”
— Theodore Roosevelt

There are two types of people in the world: spectators and participators. Each group of people can be characterized by two traits. Spectators are those who sit on their hands and wait for the world to change while complaining and grumbling about unfavorable conditions. Participators are those who channel their energy and ability to make some difference around them; they willingly take the hits and blows because they know what they’re fighting for matters. Spectators have no clue as to what it feels like to win or lose. Participators know the feeling of both and that pushes them to keep fighting. Read more…

Standing on Shoulders (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 322)


“Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s supposed to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to.”
— Mitch Albom

Much of our success in life is a result of our standing on the shoulders of other people. Likewise, much of the success of the people around us will come about because we are willing to let them stand on our shoulders too. Sacrifice is one of the most important qualities one can possess. If you never learn to give up some things, you’ll never be able to gain better things. Read more…

Serve, Surrender, and Sacrifice (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/19/16)

Serve, Surrender, and Sacrifice (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/19/16) (Right-click to download)

Serve, Surrender, and Sacrifice (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/19/16)
(Right-click to download)

What we need more than anything else, even above more Bible study and church meetings, are experiences in serving, surrendering, and sacrificing.


How Deep Do You Live? (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 268)


Matthew 20:28 (NLT)
For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Serving and giving to others is the heartbeat of the Christian life. As believers, it is not just our duty to serve, it is a great privilege and the highest honor. Too many of us think that service is for other people. But nothing could be further from the truth. Service is not for other people, it is for us to do in every single aspect of our lives. It isn’t something to be tacked on at the end of a long day; it is what we do in every day. Read more…

The Expensive Gift (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 236)

The Expensive Gift

Romans 5:15 (NLT)
But there is a great difference between Adam’s sin and God’s gracious gift. For the sin of this one man, Adam, brought death to many. But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of forgiveness to many through this other man, Jesus Christ.

Everyone knows that if someone gives you something with no strings attached, that gift will be free to you, but it cost the giver something to get it. The same can be said of grace. God’s grace is completely free to all of His creation, but it cost Jesus Christ His life. Because God was willing to give up His Son so every soul that enters the world can have a chance at a beautiful eternal life, we have this free gift called grace. Read more…

You Don’t Have to Work a Day in Your Life (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 235)

You Don’t Have to Work a Day in Your Life

Romans 11:6 (NLT)
And since it is through God’s kindness, then it is not by their good works. For in that case, God’s grace would not be what it really is—free and undeserved.

Ask the average person what it would take to go to Heaven and you’re bound to get a thousand different answers. Some might say that one has to work extremely hard. Others might say that one has to give to charity on a regular basis, help the poor in any way possible, feed the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Other people might say that one has to be kind, loving, patient, and generous. Still others might say that your good deeds must outweigh your bad ones before you can enter the pearly white gates. Read more…

My Life Is Worth Nothing Unless (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 233)

My Life Is Worth Nothing Unless

Acts 20:24 (NLT)
But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

What is the most important thing in your life? What is the one thing you really want to do that you think would make your life worth it? For some people, it is to go to college. For others, it is to get married, to play a sport professionally, to obtain a dream job, to travel, to make a lot of money, or to have fun. Still, for many other people, the most important thing to them is to have children, to have grandchildren, or to make their parents proud. Read more…

Saved To Be Used for a Purpose (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 230)

Saved To Be Used for a Purpose

1 Corinthians 6:20 (NLT)
For God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

Grace is absolutely free to all who come to Christ in faith, but it cost him is life. The main way we can show God that we appreciate his Son’s sacrifice is by giving up our lives in service to him and to others. We respond to God’s grace by expressing gratitude through giving our lives for his purpose. We have been given spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities to help other people find grace. Read more…

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