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20 Quotes that Will Remind You to Believe In Yourself

20 Quotes that Will Remind You to Believe In Yourself

Sometimes, when the going gets tough and we feel like giving up, we don’t need a pep talk or an inspirational monologue. We just need a few words to rejuvenate our minds, our attitudes, and our outlook on life. A good quote can do just that.

Here are 20 quotes to remind you to believe in who you are and in the gifts and talents you have been given. Never be afraid to do what you know in your heart you should do. You have everything you need. You are enough. Be inspired!

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What Do You Want?

The first step to getting anywhere in life is to define what you want. Many people attempt to accomplish great things but they never stop to decide what it is they want out of life and what they are willing to do to get it.
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3 Ways to Live Life

You Are Confined Only By the Walls You Build Yourself.

You can live life on the bottom. People who live life on the bottom put their problems, situations, and people on top of them. How do you think you would feel if the whole world were sitting on you? These people never accomplish anything, they have no goals, no dreams, no desires, and if they do, they allow their surroundings to rob them of it. While the world passes by, bottom living people watch from the shadows of darkness, never once attempting to do anything on there own.
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Standing, Fighting, and Dreaming

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Like many people, I believe this day should not only be about celebration, but about remembering, refocusing, and reexamining our own place and position in life. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man who willingly and sacrificially stood up for the poor and helpless, fought against injustice with love, and dreamed for those who could not dream for themselves. In the heat of the Civil Rights battle, he could see the future of a brighter day. He knew that if he just kept at what he was called to do, one day, all his hard work would pay off. All the toil and sweat and tears would be worth it one day.
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