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A Singing Faith (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 52)

A Singing Faith

Psalm 147:7a (NLT)
Sing out your thanks to the Lord…

Learning to be thankful is not only a virtue; it is an important part of our life journey. God has given us so much to be appreciative of in life. Whether we realize it or not, gratitude shows the deepest sincerity, love, and spiritual awareness of our hearts and souls. Our faith is not a faith that has to lie dormant and remain stagnant. It is an active, vibrant, singing faith. Read more…

Life in the Key of G

Music is a powerful force in the world. From the lyrics to the beat, music has been used in every facet of life. At weddings, graduations, inaugurations, celebrations, and funerals, music helps to set the mood of our lives. Piercing through all times in history, music is like an arrow that shoots straight to our hearts. It evokes emotion, it calls for action, it inspires courage, bravery, and hope. It can lift us when we’re sad, heal us when we’re hurt, comfort us when we grieve, and celebrate when we’re happy.
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