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No Fear, Only Love (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 360)


“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”
— Marianne Williamson

There are many things that we can be afraid of. There are also just as many reasons for us to love. Fear will never be completely eradicated on this side of heaven, but there is a chance that we can overwhelm it. Love, pure, unconditional love can put fear on the run.

The events of this life are real. War and terror, sickness and death, inequality and injustice are inevitabilities that we face and will continue to wrestle with. The psychology created by the harshness and brutality of this world makes fear all too real and love seems as unreal as a dream, even non-existent. Read more…

Finding Meaning in the Midst of Pain (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 285)


1 Peter 4:19 (NLT)
So if you are suffering in a manner that pleases God, keep on doing what is right, and trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.

When Jewish psychiatrist Viktor Frankl was arrested by the Nazis and taken to a concentration camp during World War II, almost everything was taken away from him. He was stripped of his family, possessions, property, and when he arrived at Auschwitz even his manuscript for “Man’s Search for Meaning” was taken away from him. When Frankl emerged from that harrowing ordeal, he reflected, “There is nothing in the world that would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions, as the knowledge that there is a meaning in one’s life.” Read more…

Hate Only Hurts Your Heart (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 284)


Matthew 5:43-44 (NLT)
You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

Listen to any presidential candidate on the campaign trail or in a debate with their opponent and you will see a continuous conversation about how one is better than the other and how what one says about another is unfair and/or untrue. How the other person responds is more of an example of how to and how not to respond when accusations are thrown your way, when you’re treated unfairly, or when someone hates you and wants to hurt you. Read more…

Injustice Proves We Need Grace (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 250)

Injustice Proves We Need Grace

Ecclesiastes 3:18 (NLT)
I also thought about the human condition—how God proves to people that they are like animals.

If you were to ask most people in the world whether or not they believe people are generally good, 9 out 10 would speak in the affirmative. They would say it is the environment that causes people to do evil. But people in and of themselves have basically good hearts and good intentions. Read more…

People Will Judge, Let God Defend (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 248)

People Will Judge, Let God Defend

Psalm 62:5-6 (NLT)
Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.

There are always going to be people in your life that no matter what you do they will misunderstand you, hate you, and seek to tear you down. It can be a friend, co-worker, or even a family member who will criticize you at every opportunity. Even when you think there is nothing wrong and your motives and intentions are good, there will be people who will judge you, talk about you negatively, and attack you in vile and evil ways. Read more…

Standing, Fighting, and Dreaming

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Like many people, I believe this day should not only be about celebration, but about remembering, refocusing, and reexamining our own place and position in life. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man who willingly and sacrificially stood up for the poor and helpless, fought against injustice with love, and dreamed for those who could not dream for themselves. In the heat of the Civil Rights battle, he could see the future of a brighter day. He knew that if he just kept at what he was called to do, one day, all his hard work would pay off. All the toil and sweat and tears would be worth it one day.
Read more…

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