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PERSEVERANCE (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/03/17)

PERSEVERANCE (Live. Pray. Hustle. 02/03/17)
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Faith is a prerequisite for perseverance. No, seriously, you have to believe that you’re headed in the right direction. And you’re not always going to feel like you are. When everything seems to be caving in at once and as they say, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, you’re going to rethink whether you’re making the right decisions. But external events do not dictate future success. Very often, the worst becomes before the best. You won’t reach the clearing until you pass through the forest.


To Hit a Target, You Have To Have a Target to Hit (Vita. Consilio. 01.08.17)


Imagine that you were given a bow and arrow but not given a target. Where would you aim the arrow? Probably nowhere in particular, just anywhere in the random open space.

And let’s say you did shoot in any direction at random. Why did you shoot in that direction instead of another direction? What was the purpose of aiming left instead of right? Another question could be what is the outcome of aiming there instead of here? Read more…

Small and Simple Steps (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/11/16)

Small and Simple Steps (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/11/16) (Right-click to download)

Small and Simple Steps (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/11/16)
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Like any direction or redirection in life, it is the small, seemingly simple steps we take that give us the greatest rewards.


Will You Just Start? (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/07/16)

Will You Just Start? (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/07/16) (Right-click to download)

Will You Just Start? (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/07/16)
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Sometimes, not knowing is a test to see if you’re going to have faith and just start in the direction of your dreams.


Headed Wrong (Live. Pray. Hustle. 09/08/16)

Headed Wrong (Live. Pray. Hustle. 09/08/16) (Right-click to download)

Headed Wrong (Live. Pray. Hustle. 09/08/16)
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Too many of us waste our lives doing all the wrongs things expecting to get to the right places.


Read more…

Take A New Path (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 247)

Take A New Path

“When you find your path, you must ignore fear. You need to have the courage to risk mistakes. But once you are on that road… run, run, run, and don’t stop til you’ve reached its end.”
— José N. Harris

If you dread tomorrow, you may want to consider a change in direction. Rarely do we have everything figured out perfectly. And sometimes, what is even more rare is that we don’t have anything figured out all. If you find that you dread the next morning, the next day, the next week, month, or year, listen to what your dissatisfaction is telling you. It could be just the impetus you need to do an about face. Read more…

3 Extra Things To Remember When Problems Persist (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 229)

3 Extra Things To Remember When  Problems Persist

“When in crisis situations, never mourn along with the crises, rather speak to the crises saying, ‘Crises what opportunities are you hiding for me.’”
— Auliq-Ice

As human beings, we often only look at things through hindsight. We look at problems only after they have become evident and wonder how we could have handled it better. Sometimes we do this with success too. We reach a high pinnacle and look back and wonder how we got there. We’ll never escape the problems of life, but what we can do is learn from one problem and anticipate problems that might arise in the future and plan our response or reaction before we even have to deal with it. It’s kind of like being in the military. Soldiers are put in a semblance of a battle to plan what they will do when the reality of war hits them. It works the same way with our problems. It much easier to plot a strategy beforehand than to rush one together when everything has hit the fan. Read more…

The Compass Points Right (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 198)

The Compass Points Right

Psalm 1:1 (NLT)
Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers.

It has been said that one can tell a lot about a person by the type of friends he keeps. But can one tell much about your faith or lack thereof by the relationship you have with God and how it reflects in your daily interactions with others? It is nearly impossible to stay neutral when there are always two options one can choose from.  Read more…

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