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Please, You Don’t Want To Copy Me (Vita. Consilio. 01.22.17)


We stand in awe of those people who we have labeled “celebrities” or “geniuses” or “gurus” or “moguls” or whatever word we have created to call those who are highly productive and successful. We recognize good work, innovation, and creativity. In a way, it can serve as a healthy motivation for us to step out and fulfill our own dreams. Read more…

Give Yourself a Hand Clap (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 218)

Give Yourself a Hand Clap

“Make time to celebrate your accomplishments, not matter how big or small.”
— Unknown

We live in a world that is increasingly more accustomed to spotlights and celebrities. We worship red carpet appearances, awards shows, and recognition of achievement. We praise people for how they look, what they wear, where they live, what they drive, when they vacation, and what they do. Pats on the back and applause are seemingly expected by the vast majority for a select few. Read more…

Life in the Key of G

Music is a powerful force in the world. From the lyrics to the beat, music has been used in every facet of life. At weddings, graduations, inaugurations, celebrations, and funerals, music helps to set the mood of our lives. Piercing through all times in history, music is like an arrow that shoots straight to our hearts. It evokes emotion, it calls for action, it inspires courage, bravery, and hope. It can lift us when we’re sad, heal us when we’re hurt, comfort us when we grieve, and celebrate when we’re happy.
Read more…

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