Daniella Whyte


Thanks and Yes

Gratitude Is...

Gratitude Is…

365 Days of Coffee Drinking and Grateful Living

Thanks and Yes isn’t as much a book about giving thanks as it is about living thankfully. Not the words of thanks which are cheap and usually insincere, but the attitudes and the actions, the thoughts and the behaviors, the intentions and the perceptions. This type of gratitude is what helps us to determine whether we look and live on the bright side of every encounter in life.

Through the early morning traffic, the spilt milk and the frequent coffee runs, to the annoying co-workers and the frustrating workload, to the aching head and tired feet dragging through dinner, through homework, to bed at the end of the day, this book is about embracing all those parts of life that we mostly endure when we could really enjoy.

Thanks and Yes is a daily call for us to stop rushing through life and start appreciating life, embracing situations as lessons or blessings, and saying yes to every God-sent opportunity.



Gratitude Is…

Gratitude Is...

Gratitude Is…

A Wonderful Way to Live and Enjoy Life

Gratitude is one of those words that comes across as an idea, an afterthought, as something obvious to be done in passing without much thought. But sometimes, the deeper meaning of gratitude and the benefits that come from it are overlooked. In favor of what we consider to be more important virtues, gratitude often slips to the very last position on our list or never even makes the cut. In the pages of Gratitude Is… readers will discover what gratitude is, why it is essential to living an abundant life, and uncover the wonderful results that come from developing a lifestyle of gratitude.



365 Days of Thanking God

Cultivating a Heart of Thanksgiving Everyday (Revised & Expanded)

This book is not about the holiday called Thanksgiving.It is not about how to celebrate Thanksgiving. This book is a challenge to you to cultivate a heart of thankfulness to God and to the people He has placed in your life 365 days of the year.Thankfulness is not about keeping tradition. It is a matter of the heart. It should be an everyday occurrence. It should be a habit; it should be a way of life. It may seem as though it is small or insignificant to you, but it means a lot to God and to others. I pray that this book will encourage you and challenge you to be thankful for everything. –Daniella Whyte, from the Introduction

“You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given you.” –Sarah ban Breathnach

VISIT: www.365DaysofThankingGod.com


The Girl God Wants

The Girls God Wants

The Girl God Wants

Society throws a lot of ungodly stuff at young ladies today, and it is hard to find things that can empower them to godliness and greatness. In The Girl God Wants, author, Daniella Whyte, (age 14 when she commenced the writing of this book), helps young ladies with some of the issues that they face today. Oftentimes, it is easier for teenagers to relate to each other, and they are sometimes more eager to listen to the advice of their peers. With appealing chapters and her sister-to-sister style, Daniella shows young ladies how much God loves them and how to discover their gifts and purpose in life. In The Girl God Wants, young ladies will be encouraged to memorize Scripture through the “Scripture Says” section in each chapter. They will be motivated to act on their faith through the “Celebrate” section at the end of each chapter. They will also be challenged by the “Think About It” sections placed throughout the book. By the time a young lady completes this book, she will know: who she is in Christ, what her purpose is in life, and where her obedience to God can take her, and she will be The Girl God Wants.

Here are just a few of the chapter titles that will encourage you to be The Girl God Wants:

  • God Loves You, He Really Does
  • Walking on Water: Becoming a Woman of Faith
  • Discovering Your Destiny
  • Living on Purpose
  • Big Dreams are a Big Deal
  • Be a Tough-Minded Teen
  • The Hidden Power of Purity
  • To Date or Not to Date
  • Ladies Always Lead
  • Live a Great Life and Enjoy It!

VISIT: www.TheGirlGodWants.com

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t

The Thanksgiving that Almost Wasn't

The Thanksgiving that Almost Wasn’t

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t is based on a true story of how the devil attacked and tried to destroy a Christian family that was trying to live right for the glory of God. As the story unfolds, you will laugh, cry and rejoice with the Johnson family as they go through a temporary but tough separation. But all is not lost.

Through love, forgiveness, hope, much prayer and a strong faith in God, read and see how this family was brought back together on their favorite holiday—Thanksgiving—a holiday they had never missed celebrating together. This event in their lives truly testifies to the truth of God’s Word, which says: “All things are possible with God.”

VISIT: www.TheThanksgivingThatAlmostWasnt.com

Daniella Whyte has also co-written or contributed to the following books.

  • Eden NC
  • The Greatest Love of All
  • Letters to Young Black Women
  • Dear Papa

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