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Guest Post by Megha Shah: Hustle Your Way to the Finish Line (Vita. Consilio. 03.21.17)

Over the last few years, if there is anything I have learned, it is that there is no such thing as ‘luck’.

Luck is just an excuse made by those who are unwilling to work but wish to achieve all the success there is. We all know the saying – “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” This is true and must be a guiding principle for you if you wish to achieve great success in any endeavor you pursue.

Hard work is the key ingredient in the recipe of success. You need to understand that the world owes you nothing and that if you want something, you must earn it. If you have a dream that you wish to bring to life, you need to be ready to put in every ounce of blood and sweat that you have. Accidental success is the biggest façade that exists. If you put in all you have, you will achieve all you can.

This means you need to be a hustler – a hungry wolf ready to pounce on every opportunity whether it is small or big. Being a hustler is not about advertising that you’re hustling. I hear so many people talk about how they’re hustling day in and day out and that they are completely committed to their dream and the grind associated with it. That is exactly like working out at the gym all day and then coming home to eat mac and cheese. One thing you need to learn is, keep your moves private and your goals quiet.

A common mistake that many people make is that they measure their hustle by the amount of time they put in to their dreams. Time is never measured by work, results are. Your results speak volumes about how effectively you can convert your dreams into reality.

Simply put, hustle is all about putting your effort and time into the goal at hand. The operative term here is goal at hand.

There is a process towards achieving your dream and making it a reality, which is something most would overlook. If only hard work could have you achieve your goals, the donkey would be the king of the jungle. Working hard needs to be coupled with working smart to produce the desired result. The real process is:

Step 1: Assign a date to your dream and make it a goal

Goal setting is the first and most important step towards making your dream a reality. Goal setting is, however, an underestimated and overly daunting task for many. Effective goal setting is key.

Step 2: Break your goal into small steps

Once you’ve set a reasonable and effective goal, it’s time to break that goal down and create smaller steps. This is your action plan to success.

Step 3: Put the ACTION in your action plan

Everything would be for naught if you do not give life to your plan. Start working on your goal one step at a time. Just like you assigned a date to your dream to make it a goal, assign dates to your steps and make daily goals. Now all you’ve got to do is smash your goal every day and voila!

Now that you’ve got the process, I’m letting you in on a simple trick that will add more days to your week – it may sound like the silliest trick you’ve heard, but once you manage to grasp this concept, you’ll realize how much more time you can add to your days, weeks, and months. (P.S.: It is one of the best-kept secrets among the elite 1% population.)

The trick is to tell yourself that time is a relative concept. Sounds easy? Well, it’s easier said than done.

Bill Gates, the richest man on earth who holds one of the most fascinating success stories – is known to be a great follower of this concept. When he was at Harvard, he would mostly be found at the Computer Centre (obviously). But very few people know that he was always on the go. Steve Ballmer, the president of Microsoft says, “He (Bill Gates) was always very focused on whatever it was that he was doing. He would come into his room, just kinda lie down on his bed, which of course would not be made because he never had time for that, and just fall asleep. Door open, fully clothed, lying down asleep. And then when he’s refreshed, boom! Back up and at it – whatever the next thing was.”

It was this routine that helped him stay ahead of the game, learn more about computers, and keep up with his classes.

Time is a concept developed by humans and it is very relative. You can sleep through your afternoons and work on your daily goals throughout the day and night and still accomplish them. During the early years of MicroSolutions, its founder Mark Cuban would stay up all night (when his customers were sleeping) and read through the different manuals of various PCs so that when his customers came to him with questions, he could help them out. He is now a billionaire and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Success lies in your daily routine. Every little step you take in the right direction bridges the gap between you and your dream. But more importantly, success is driven by your commitment. You need to commit your time, resources, and energy – every ounce of your being – to reaching your goals.

Are you ready to turn your dream into reality and subsequently, a lifestyle?

Are you ready to go all-in right now?

A dreamer, traveller, aspiring entrepreneur and a bookworm beyond repair, Megha Shah is extremely fond of writing and has been doing so since she was a child. Apart from being a part-time writer, Megha is currently in college, pursuing B. Com. (Hons). Megha is an ardent follower of ‘Hardship, Hustle and Heart’ and firmly believes in the power of hard work and destiny!

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