Daniella Whyte

Incredible, Amazing, Awesome Life (Soul. Musings. 01/06/17)


In September of 2009, a video titled “Incredible, amazing, awesome Apple” took over the internet. Basically, it was posted to draw attention to Apple’s consistent use of superlatives. Hence the emphasis on “incredible, amazing, awesome”. And even today, Apple leaders and Apple lovers use these types of words to describe their products. Critics of Apple will say it is a tool by which millions of people are tricked into buying Apple products. Whether it is or it isn’t, the fact remains that it works.

Apple heads are notorious for being super enthusiastic about their products, and no one was more so than Steve Jobs. It is nothing new to hype up a product, however. Sales people do it all the time. Voices used in TV commercials do it too. The tactic is not so much in the hyperbolic wording as it is in the idea that if you really believe in something and express that belief strongly, other people will believe in it too. Call it gullible, impressionable, or easily deceived, but it works. Steve Jobs believed in his products and was completely enthusiastic about them and that enthusiasm rubbed off on millions of people, including Yours Truly.

The same thing goes for your life and your goals. In order to achieve something, you must fully believe in it and be completely enthusiastic about it. Enthusiasm and passion about your life and goals will determine how well you do in life. Too many people wait for someone else to believe in them or to be excited about them and it rarely happens because most times, people will get excited about something only after someone else has expressed their excitement.

No matter what you do, enthusiasm and passion are crucial to its success. If you don’t have that fiery feeling on the inside to accomplish a goal, then you may want to consider turning your attention to something else. If you’re frustratingly spinning your wheels and working just for the sake of working with no belief or joy in what you’re doing, do yourself a favor and find some other work. If you’re not enthusiastic about your life and where you’re going, trust me, no one else will be.

Soul. Musings.


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