Daniella Whyte

Use the Potential You Have and It Suddenly Becomes Enough (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 358)


“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”
— William Faulkner

How much time do we waste thinking that we are not enough or that we don’t have enough or know enough to make progress? How much time do we waste wishing we had more talent, more skill, and more potential to be and do more. How much potential and talent do we actually waste while we waste time doing all that thinking and wishing.

The truth is, in life, you have as much potential as you want to have. The question is not whether you have enough. The question is whether you are making the most of what you have. You cannot wish or hope your way into becoming the person you want to or should have become. Instead, you have to embrace who you are with the potential and limitations that you do have and work to build upon that foundation.

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No one person enters the world with a wholly firm foundation upon which to build their life. Most of us take what we are given by our parents, peers, teachers, and culture and we build upon that. That is how you use what you have to create more of what you want. Wishing gets you very little in life. Using what you have in your hand and using the abilities you are blessed to have in life is how you get to where you want to go and become all you were born to be.

Making the most of your potential means:

Not comparing yourself to others. Simply put, comparing your abilities to someone else’s abilities is a waste of both time and talent. You are the only person to which you should be comparing and competing. Instead of worrying about someone else and wish you could measure up to someone else, work on becoming the best you that you can possibly be. There are enough people in the world fighting to become someone else other than themselves. What we need is more people who remain true to who they are and allow their light to shine.

Making the most of your potential means:

Putting in the work every single day. In our weak attempts to gain more potential, we fail to realize that when we use what we have, it always turns into more than enough. You see, a person who is always complaining about what they don’t have rarely ever takes the time to contemplate what they do have and so they always think they never have enough of anything. Focus on using your abilities and skills to become the best person you can be and to make a difference in the world around you.

Making the most of your potential means:

Being grateful for your talents. Too many of us consistently listen to that negative record tape that plays in our minds telling us we aren’t smart enough or talented enough or well-rounded enough to be who we were born to be. You have to turn that tape all the way off because the longer you let it play, the longer you’re going to listen to it and the more time you’re going to waste not using your talents to make the world a better place. Whatever talent you do have, you have it for a reason and that reason is to help others. Stop wishing to be someone else or have someone else’s talent. The most beautiful people in the world are those who know who they are and use what they have in service to others.

Making the most of your potential means:

Embracing every opportunity that crosses your path. And I mean every single good opportunity that comes your way. Too many people claim to be looking for ways in which to use their talents but every day allow such opportunities pass them by simply because they come wrapped differently. You could be walking into a gold mine of the greatest adventure of your life but you’ll never know if you don’t walk through the door. Opportunities don’t walk up to us and say ‘Hi, I’m opportunity. Take a chance here.’ It comes when we least expect it, like an ordinary event turned magical.

Making the most of your potential means:

Living courageously. Too many people doubt that their potential is enough and thus never use it out of fear. We all have dreams and goals and desires that we want to see fulfilled but a lot of us never get to see that fulfillment because we allow fear to creep in and keep us stuck. Stuck in the past. Stuck in old ways of thinking. Stuck in not good enough, smart enough, bright enough. The voice of fear grows louder and louder the more we set out to do things and it is only successful if we allow it to be. Stop fear in its tracks by choosing to live courageously. Courageous living is using the potential you have where you are right now.

You can have all the potential you want if you simply use the potential you have. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the “not enough” cycle. That cycle has drowned out many a beautiful voice, stopped up many a brilliant pen, and hidden many talents from a world waiting to see them.

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”
— Roy T. Bennett

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