Daniella Whyte

One Day It All Will Click (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 341)


“A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.”
— Unknown

So many things are vying for our attention in this world. In every direction we turn, there is someone or something calling us, pulling us, or pushing us. At every point in life, there is a new article or book, lesson or teacher wanting us to pay attention to them, telling us that this is important or this is necessary. If we are not careful, we can spend much of our lives allowing ourselves to be taken into so many different directions that pretty soon we won’t know where we are or who we are at all.

While we should not allow ourselves to yield to every impression or word that we hear, there are inevitable situations in life that we will encounter along our journey. Some experiences will be devastating while others will be beautiful. Some people will be lifelong friends or mentors while others will exit our lives with no chance of returning. We go through things not just for the sake of going through but because we must be open to learning something along the way. And if we learn specific lessons, we grow.

Sometimes our journey through life seems disjointed. We take a few steps forward and then find ourselves at point A all over again. At other times, we think we can swim but when we get out into the thrashing waters, we start to drown. Still, at other times, we attempt to find ourselves, to find our place in the world, to do something that will matter far long after we are dead and gone. We think things are important until we discover that they are dead end streets.

Life is not one straight path from here to there, although most of us wish it were like that. If it were, however, we would never get to where we could go or become who we were meant to become. At much as we do not like it, part of learning and growing and living is straining and failing and struggling. No one has ever climbed a mountain of any significant height without some struggle along the way. Every part of your journey is necessary. While it may not seem like one part is connected to another part, it very much is.

We are often blinded to the connections in life. If we saw up-front how every step connected to the next step that connected to the next step that ultimately creates the entire staircase to our destination, we might never get there. Because some steps are cracked, others are creaking, others have simply fallen through; very few are smooth and stable. But if you just keep going. If you just keep having faith and believing and trusting and holding on to your goals and dreams, one day, everything will all click.

You will look back on life and wonder how you ever made it through that grief of a loved one or pulled through that deathly illness. You will look back in amazement at how you overcame abandonment, disappointment, and fear. You remember how you stayed in a hotel for over a year and pinch yourself for the grace that helped you to survive. You’re in awe at how you ever made it after being evicted from your too-small apartment. You’re amazed at how you ever made it through high school and college while shuffling careers and friendships. You wonder because it is amazing to look back the places you’ve come from.

You will stop and pause and think and thank because everything behind you was necessary to get you on the path you are on right now. It is easy to get stuck in the mess of the moment but you have to keep your eyes at least on the direction you think you should go. It could not happen any other way. I mean, it could, but no other way would be as grim and glorious as the way you have come. If we knew all of this beforehand, we might never have even started. But you see, faith will cause you to start and will keep you going even when the path before you is dark and uncertain.

If you just keep going, one day it will all come together, it will all make sense, it will all click. You will have learned. You will have become a better person than you were months or years ago. You will realize what is important and what is not. You will learn to care less about people’s opinions and more about doing your part to fulfill your purpose and make a difference in the world. You will understand that you have come a long way and while you thought things were such a mess before, you realize that it was a necessary connection and you are grateful.

If there had been a different path and you were given a choice, you would not choose any other path but the one you have taken. Because you know deep down inside that some of the best lessons are learned and opportunities are discovered not from the lighthouse but from the burning building. So don’t give up or become disappointed because you can’t see everything all at once. If you’re trying to do something worthwhile, you’re only going to be able to barely see the next step.

And if you want to get anywhere, the next step is all you can take. One step at a time. You can’t worry about the connections. You can’t throw up your hands because this situation is not ideal or this person is less than admirable. The toughest steel is shaped and formed in the hottest fire. There is no connection until you dial the number. And if you just keep moving and keep pushing down hurdles and keep overcoming obstacles, sooner or later, everything you ever wanted, fought for, dreamed for, and worked for will come together. Every piece of the puzzle will fit. And it will all make sense.

“If I had a formula for bypassing trouble, I would not pass it round. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it. I don’t embrace trouble; that’s as bad as treating it as an enemy. But I do say meet it as a friend, for you’ll see a lot of it and had better be on speaking terms with it.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes


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