Daniella Whyte

Trusting For that Good Soulful Feeling (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 332)


Psalm 116:7 (NLT)
Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.

When we talk and think about taking care of our physical bodies, we usually refer to exercise, dieting, good nutrition, regular check-ups at the doctor’s office, proper nutrition, and regular sleep. Without proper functioning in our physical bodies, it is unlikely that we will survive or thrive very long. All of these are good things to consider in order to grow and be physically strong and stable in our lives.

However, there is one thing that is equally as important as taking care of our outward appearances and physical bodies. It is a thing we normally do not associate with physical health, but it plays a highly essential role. That one thing is trusting in God. It is believing in God’s promises, praying to Him and listening to His voice, and pursuing His divine plan and purpose for your life. Choosing to trust God is good for your physical health because even when you are sick, you won’t be worried or allow yourself to be stressed.

The Psalmist says here, “Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.” When you know the Lord is good, and you know his promises are “Yes” and “Amen”, and you seek to have a heart after God so that any situation that comes your way is received as God’s will, then your soul can be at rest. When you trust God, you eliminate stress and decrease the tendency to worry and complain about situations you can’t control. When you trust, you get that good soulful feeling of peace and rest.

Sometimes people can look like they have it all together on the outside, but on the inside, everything is just falling apart. Why? Because it is not how much you exercise or how healthy you eat that fully makes you. It is what you allow into your life that can destroy you or help you thrive. If you allow anger, bitterness, resentment, frustration, worry, stress, the crisis mentality, constant panic, anxiety, and depression into your life, you can eat all the healthy foods you want, you will still be miserable. If everything in your life is in an uproar, you may need to check your level of trust. God covets the trust of his children.

Trusting God doesn’t mean you won’t have problems; it doesn’t mean you won’t go through periods of darkness. It does mean that you will not allow yourself to succumb to the problems you face. Instead of panicking, you will pray. Instead of worrying, you will worship. Instead of being stressed, you will be strong. Instead of getting bitter, you will get better. Instead of grumbling, you will grow. Those who trust in the Lord find rest for their souls.

“Remember to trust in the Heavenly Father. Life is a blessing; it is also a testing. Take the one as you do the other and trust Him who allows it all.”
— Lori Benton

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