Daniella Whyte

3 Ways to Reach Peak Productivity (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 325)


“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”
— Les Brown

The most successful people are productive people. You will not experience success in anything if you are not willing to continuously and intentionally produce. Production is one of the common lines of demarcation that sets apart the men from the boys and the women from the girls. If you desire to start being productive or to elevate your level of productivity, here are 3 ways to do so:

1. Work outside of your comfort zone.

A “comfort zone” is defined as a psychological state in which an individual feels in control, at ease, familiar, and exper3 Ways to Reach Peak Productivity (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 325)iences relatively low levels of stress and anxiety. Most people are content to work in their comfort zone but that is usually not where the most growth happens. When you emerge from your zone of comfort, it does not mean that you seek out experiences of high stress and anxiety. Rather, it means that you intentionally try new things to elevate productivity.

Our comfort zone ensures that we stay safe, steer clear of embarrassment, and avoid taking risks. For the most part, it can be said that we are simply maintaining our level of productivity, not increasing it. Stepping outside of our comfort zone allows us to experience our lives in a way that is fully meaningful and fulfilling. It keeps us from being the hamster on the wheel, spinning constantly but going nowhere. Outside of our comfort zone is growth and opportunity.

2. Command positivity internally and externally.

There are many situations that we encounter in life that can cause us to feel bad or stressed or depressed internally. But being around negative people only causes that feeling to be elevated because these kinds of people like to dwell on what is not going right. Stay around a negative person long enough and without even trying, you’ll begin to think negatively, behave negatively, and perceive things negatively.

After all, a negative mindset will result in negative habits which will turn into a negative lifestyle and a negative lifestyle is not conducive to a successful or productive life. Productivity requires focus and determination and every person who regularly produces good work follows this type of formula. You have to be able to intentionally cut negative people and even negative thoughts out of your life so you can increase your level of productivity.

3. Learn first and then act.

You can accomplish a lot more in a lot less time and with a lot less energy if you read, study, and do your homework first. The most productive people do not make the same mistakes twice. This means that if someone else has run into pitfalls and problems, you can avoid all of that by reading and/or listening to their story. And if you are always learning and then acting upon what you learn, you will always be growing and producing.

Life is a continuous journey of lessons. If we stop learning, then we by default choose to settle with what we already know. Once we have produced with what we already know, we need to learn more in order to keep producing. Learning helps us to expand our mind. While we may stop growing physically, our mind is always working on new information that we put in it. From this information, we can gather and implement ideas. To grow is to learn and to learn is to grow. You cannot grow without learning and you will not learn without growing.

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.”
— Joel Osteen


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