Daniella Whyte

Opening the Empty Space to Be Filled (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 317)


Psalm 81:10 (NLT)
For it was I, the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.

Emptiness is a sometimes difficult emotion to put into word. At times, it feels like a deep and hollow opening in the middle of the soul. At other times, it feels like being lost, with no direction or guidance. Still, at other times, it feels like tiredness, fatigue, even overwhelm. When you feel empty on the inside, nothing on the outside really matters because what is really empty is your soul and the soul is the most important part of us.

Emptiness shows up in the form of grief. It also creeps into our lives in the form of disappointment, unfulfilling relationships, confusion about daily life, and a sense of misplaced purpose, missed goals and failed dreams. Perhaps it is also the aching of the heart which drops into the soul because of a love unreturned or a forgiveness not given or a hope never realized.

Life can be very full of emptiness. Whatever the source of your emptiness, turn it over to God. He promises to rescue you those who cry out for help even as he did for the children of Israel. The Israelites spent years in Egypt but they were not happy under their dire and desperate conditions. They knew their souls longed for more, their hearts desires to arrive at a place of fullness, completeness, and wholeness. That place was the Promised Land. Moses was the human instrument God used to rescue his people. Without God in the middle, it is unlikely they would have made it out of their prison in Egypt.

God is your line of rescue today. Life can be so full of stuff — money, power, time, people, material possessions — and yet leave us feeling so empty and broken. We continually fight ourselves in an attempt to look for peace and contentment when what we really need to do is stop fighting within and give up that battle to God. No matter the lack of earthly fulfillment, God promises to fill us with himself if we only let him. This means we have to open ourselves up to him, not just for an hour or two on Sunday morning but every day of the week.

Stop running and embrace the emptiness in your soul. When you’re feeling empty, God is looking for you right at that moment. God is presenting you an opportunity to seek him back, to open yourself to his love and grace and peace. Don’t give in to despair or the fleeting trivialities of your environment. Instead, open your life wide and allow him to fill it with his promises. Allow him to replace your sadness with joy, your grief with peace, your weakness with confidence, and your emptiness with his glory.

“The empty places in our hearts were created to be filled by God alone. The deepest thirst of our souls can only be quenched by Him.”
— Renee Swope


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