Daniella Whyte

What’s Underneath Those Super Bad Days (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 310)


“We all have bad days, but one thing is true: no cloud is so dark that the sun can’t shine through.”
— Miranda Kerr

There’s a part of all of us that craves for every day to be the same. We dream about the perfect Mondays and the not-so-hump Wednesdays. We wish each day was filled with no problems, no headaches, no tired feet, no surprise emergencies. Nothing but bliss.

It’s the days we feel empty on the inside that we want to feel full of vibrancy, energy, and life. It’s the days we are waiting, trying to wait at least patiently before our egg hatches. It couldn’t come soon enough but then when it does, we’re a little surprised that we have arrived. It’s the days when everything is an annoyance to some degree.

Underneath these super bad days lies strength that we never thought we had. If everything went as swimmingly as we often dream that it would, strength could take a back seat. It could take a three months’ vacation if it wanted to. But life is given to us partly to see how tough we are and partly to give us strength for the days when we can’t seem to muster up enough on our own.

Underneath these super bad days lies a quiet voice that urges us to be patient. Well, maybe it doesn’t teach us to be patient but it does tell us that there is a process. It’s the process that often gets to us. Most times it is slow and then there are times when it speeds up, but never as fast as we think it should go. That voice moves us to relish in the experiences and be content in perfect knowledge that everything develops in its own time and way.

Underneath these super bad days is a test of our faith. It is easy to have faith and believe in the goodness of life and humanity when everything is going well. When our goals are met and our dreams are fulfilled, we get a better view of our future as it should be. But if we’re honest, most of our days simply aren’t the way we expect them to be. It is in that realization that we can make the decision to give up or to roll with the punches.

Underneath these super bad days is a lesson in gratitude. Challenges make us stronger no matter how they come. And when we are strong, we can be thankful for every experience. Sometimes, it is the challenges that help us to really appreciate life. Life would instantly feel better if there were millions of roller coasters or stacks of ice cream strategically placed throughout the day. But it would necessarily be more meaningful or fulfilling. And that’s where you have to stop and think that somethings things break into a million pieces over here so that everything can be as you like it over there.

One day it all will begin to click for you. Every day looks difficult before we enter it. This is partly out of fear and partly because of the fact that we don’t know what is going to happen. But you realize what is important and what isn’t. You understand that you’ve come a long way already and that while you have a much longer way to go, you take courage in knowing that you can make it because you’ve gotten so far already.

I get it that there are times you just want to check out of life. But you have to remember that life never gives up on you. Good days urge you to keep on going to the next one. Bad days give you experiences to learn from and then keep on going to the next one. You need both. Just imagine how strangely boring it would get riding a roller coaster every day, or cracking a piñata, or eating cotton candy. You can’t survive that way. You might be happy for a while but you’ll eventually get sick.

This is why we have those steak and ale days and those meat and potatoes days. It keeps us grounded, kicks us out of the zone of entitlement, and gives us a “tough hide and a tender heart.” Underneath all those super bad days we experience is raw and real life which is everything that happens to us on the way to where we want to go. It’s the sunshine and the storms that make life bearable, lovable, livable, and enjoyable.

“Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life. You just gotta get there.”
— Unknown

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