Daniella Whyte

Stop Waiting for Perfect Timing and Favorable Conditions (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 298)


(30 Things To Stop Spending Time On If You Want to Be Successful #30)

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”
— Alan Cohen

Perfect timing does not exist. Completely favorable conditions do not exist. Yet people everywhere spend time detailing preferences that they think must be met before they can move forward with their life. They would rather use their energy waiting than in taking action. Waiting can be both useful and impeding at the same time.

More often than not, when we say we are waiting for a perfect opportunity, we are doing one of two things. We are either making excuses or we are trying to stay within our zone of comfort. When we make excuses, we create obstacles that really are not there. We put the blame on someone or something else. We begin allowing the day to control us instead of the other way around.

What we ultimately do when we make excuses is turn moments of inaction into hours, days, months, and years of more inaction. While we wait for the world to change, time simply passes us by and we end up doing nothing at all. We come to the end of our lives unfortunately and have nothing to show for it.

This leads to many of us staying where we are comfortable and familiar until we deem it is a perfect time to go out into the unknown and hostile world. The truth is, we will remain in that place of comfort and familiarity because there is no time that ever seems to be right. Perfect conditions don’t exist; therefore, any time is the right time to take action and improve.

Making excuses and remaining in comfort leads us to have an attitude that leads to “If this, then that…” line of thinking. For example,

If I get a better job, I will be happy.
If I earn more money, then I will live my dream.
If I get married, then I will make this lifestyle change.
If I leave my job, then I will pursue my education.

The ‘if this, then that…’ line of thinking only keeps us stuck and trapped in our present situation. It keeps us stressed, keeps us in a mode of complaining, keeps us ranting and raving that our lives aren’t the way we want it to be, and keeps us acting as if we’re powerless to do anything about it. The truth is, timing and conditions largely depend upon what we create.

Stop waiting for that perfect time or that favorable condition to make the right decision or to make the next move or to take action to do something you’ve been created to do. Just like perfection does not exist in any project, any family, any organization, it doesn’t exist in time or space. Perfection in anything is fictional and if you’re waiting, you’ll be waiting forever and ever.

The longer you spend waiting, the less it becomes about waiting and the more it becomes about stagnating. You hinder your ability to grow and make proper progress. You hold yourself back from achievement and advancement. Your mind becomes dull and as a result, you put your life on pause. Like anything else in life, you have the power to make the right choices in life.

What is the perfect condition for you? Is it when there are no challenges or no obstacles standing in the way of you reaching your dreams? You will always encounter difficult situations on the way to reaching your goals. This is a part of life and the process to getting to your dreams would not be nearly half as worth it without the challenges. It is in the most unprotect situations that beautiful ideas have been born and implemented. Waiting doesn’t make your dreams come true; it does nothing at all.

You may never get the perfect conditions you dream of. You may not even get the ideal moment to get a jumpstart. You are responsible for taking the time and conditions you have and turning them in your favor, using them to your advantages, and making the most of what you have right now. You can let life control you or you can take control of life and start living your dreams. Perfect conditions never created a perfect life. You alone have the power to create the present and the future you want to live.

“Stop waiting for the conditions in your life to be perfect before you start acting on your dreams.”
— Wesley Woods

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