Daniella Whyte

The Faithful Father (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 297)


Psalm 59:10a (NLT)
In his unfailing love, my God will stand with me.

Everything changes. People change. Life changes. The world is changing. When everything is in the mode of change, we want something or someone we can depend on to be faithful and consistent. It is in the times of change that we need to remember we can count on God.

God is trustworthy. He is reliable. He is worthy of our belief and our faith and our trust. He can be counted on even when no one else can. People are unreliable and unpredictable. When we encounter unreliable people and engage in unpredictable situations, we set ourselves up to feel insecure. And insecurity produces stress and disengagement from life.

God’s love for you is unfailing. It isn’t based upon circumstances, situations, or performance. It doesn’t change with the weather or move away from you when you move away from it. The love of God stays the same, it travels with you. In the depths of despair and heartbreak and sin, God’s love is there waiting for you to allow it to wrap you up, restore, redeem you, and renew you.

If you can’t count on anyone else or anything else in this world, you can count on the fact that God IS always. He is the same toward you every single day. He is an anchor when the rest of the seas in the world are stormy and turbulent. He is a lighthouse shining and calling you forward in the middle of utter darkness and chaos.

Too many people look to the environment to provide stability. We try to depend on government to bring order to a chaotic world. We push for new laws that will be just and fair for all people. We elect leaders over us only to see them fail and fall and not live up to our expectations. The same goes for parents and church leaders and teachers. Nothing and no one in this world is consistent. And to handle all the unfaithfulness and instability that you and I face, we need that one unchanging anchor.

That anchor is God. He will last forever. God stands us with, holds us, cares about us, loves us, and does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. You can count on God. You can put all your eggs in one basket with God. He is the heavenly Father who does not change. Forever and forever and forever, he is the same. How wonderful it is that we can trust and rest in a God like that.

“The problem is that if we trust in man we are always let down. No, we shouldn’t trust in man–not ultimately. If we don’t trust in man or God, we are in an awful lonely mess, too. You see, if we don’t trust anyone, we live in fear, but if we trust in God, then we don’t have to fear man anymore.”
— Stefani Carmichael

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