Daniella Whyte

Let Your Joy Out (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 284)


“The gloom of the world is but a shadow; behind it, yet within our reach, is Joy.”
— Fra Giovanni

Life actually boils down to one main question: are you really living it? And I don’t mean in the way that you have a lot of material possessions to show for it. Or that you’re the face of every party and always want the spotlight on you. I’m talking about how well you are fulfilling your purpose, serving others, and making good on the investment you’ve been given. Because life truly is an investment that shouldn’t be gambled on or held back.

Too many people do an array of other things all the while telling themselves that they are going to “live life” at some indefinite time in the future. They hold themselves back from doing the things they know they are made to do. They hold in joy, they hold in celebration, they hold in experiencing incredibleness, wonder, and awe. They hold back on everything that really matters, that’s really important for trivial illusions.

There are times when I just want to sing aloud to music in my room by myself or tell someone how incredibly awesome they are on a particularly rainy day. And sometimes I want to do this one thing to make a difference in the world around and other times I want to wrap my arms around someone’s shoulder and tell them it’s going to be okay. But I didn’t and I don’t. There are times you want to do the same thing but you didn’t and you don’t.

It’s easier to play it safe but safe isn’t always the best decision. Fear keeps us looking away from enthusiasm and aware of what other people think. What if what we do backfires? What if it doesn’t work? What if what we say was meant to comfort someone who’s hurting but they take it the wrong way? What then?

And we spend our lives asking these what if questions, never really getting an answer and never doing what we so badly want to do. You know, holding in things like joy is really painful. It’s constipating to want to laugh but not do so out of concern for what others might think or to want to smile but not do so because it’ll make us feel a certain good way. Holding in joy and laughter and happiness creates wrinkles on our face and stress in our lives that we could desperately live without.

Joy is real. It’s meant to be felt. It’s meant to be shown. It’s meant to flow from the depths of our souls and light up the environment around us. And when you let joy out, it frees you to live your life openly and excitedly right now. Sure, some people won’t be able to handle your enthusiasm but what difference does that make. Most people will be so happy to see your joy that they may just discover their own.

The engagement of life and all it has to offer is pure bliss. Subconsciously or consciously, joy spills over into the lives of other people when we let it. Unhem it. Let it out. Let it go. Let it flow. It’s worth it. Joy is that powerful little atom that can push through a locked door, pierce a tight bubble, and pervade the tiniest of spaces and the hardest of hearts. Even if you don’t mean for it to, when you release your joy, it will find a way to enter in and turn on a light.

“The beating heart of the universe is holy joy.”
— Martin Buber


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