Daniella Whyte

Resentment Only Destroys You (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 282)


Job 5:2 (NLT)
Surely resentment destroys the fool, and jealousy kills the simple.

Resentment is a potent mix of anger, fear, and disappointment. Many times, we allow resentment to grow and fester in our lives because we replay an unkind word or hurt feeling over in our minds and find it hard to forgive the person or situation. We hold on to things that only cause us unspoken pain and undue stress. Some of us grew up being told it is okay to express our hurt and anger. And in some regard, it is healthy to do so, but holding on to those feelings only hurts us.

If anybody had a legitimate right to be resentful, it was Job. Scripture says Job was an upright and righteous man. He was a good and godly person who had everything he wanted in life. He had a large family, popularity throughout the land, an abundance of wealth and material possessions. He had more cattle and livestock, which was of supreme importance during that time, more than anyone else around him. But one day, within a short space of time, the humble and upright Job lost everything he had.

One thing happened after another and there was no way to stop any of it. Job got a terrible, heartbreaking disease. All ten of his children died in the same day. He lost his sheep, cattle, camels, and oxen which made up an extensive part of his wealth and his popularity. He even lost his servants. After losing everything, you would agree that Job had a right to be angry, disappointed, hurt, confused, bitter, and resentful.

But Job didn’t express any of that. He knew that despite all this tragedy that had become his, he was still a child of God. He decided it would be senseless and pointless to allow resentment to take over his life. Instead, he continued to believe in God even when his wife nagged him and his friends bemoaned his fate. He said, “Surely resentment destroys the fool, and jealousy kills the simple.” Holding on to resentment doesn’t make sense. It only pains the one who is holding it.

If you look back through your experiences with people and situation you’ve encountered, you would probably agree that resentment hurts no one but you. We do dumb things in an attempt to get back at people, but instead, we end up destroying ourselves. We try to make other people miserable for what they’ve done to us, but instead only put ourselves on the receiving end of that misery. It only feeds on our negative emotions and develops into a veil that blinds us from seeing people as worthy of love and forgiveness.

God does not want his children to live in the prison of resentment. When we hold on to resentment, we end up doing things and saying things that only hurt us. Resentment isn’t helpful to you or to the other person. It creates a cycle of wanting things to be better but never ever getting what we want. Don’t give in to resentment, don’t hold on to grudges. Learn to forgive, let it go, and live in freedom and joy

“Resentment is an early warning signal for needed change.”
— Henry Cloud


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