Daniella Whyte

8 Ways to Challenge Your Reliance on Convenience (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 276)


“Maybe where we choose convenience is an indication of where we’re not being honest about our values.”
— Kiran Umapathy

Convenience has its place but for too many of us, it takes center stage to all the wonderful things we could be doing, seeing, and being. Of course, it isn’t leaving us anytime soon. Nobody would exactly advocate against ease or uncomplicated experiences. But we could be setting ourselves up to be less prepared for adversity or unpleasant encounters when much of our life depends on a phone or tablet.

I’m beginning to wonder is we are missing out on some important things in our lives because we’ve given too much power to convenience. Taking a look at our individual lives may cause us to give a double take to our induced environment or perhaps the one we’ve created for ourselves.

Here are 8 points for your consideration:

1. Go beyond your limits.
Some of the most important things in life come during the toughest moments of life. The easiest road isn’t always the best. When you challenge yourself on purpose, you force yourself to learn lessons that only you can teach yourself. Pushing yourself past boundaries and obstacles is necessary to not become complacent in a society of convenience.

2. Do simple things.
We’re so used to people doing things for us that we sometimes forget that we can do things for ourselves. Just because you don’t have to make your own coffee or buy your own bread doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it every once in a while. Progress often impedes our ability to do simple tasks.

3. Set priorities.
If taking a vacation with your family for two weeks every summer is important to you and to them, make it a point to ensure that happens. Reschedule other things, not the things that matter the most to you. People will attempt to manipulate your time; don’t let them.

4. Figure it out.
Convenience has a way of making almost everything look easy. Or if not easy, at least possible. Life is tough at times and some problems take longer to solve because there are no easy or convenient answers. There no quick fixes. The best thing you can do is not complain and instead use your energy to figure it out as best you can.

5. Cherish your values and embrace your morals.
In the world, basically, anything goes. But it doesn’t have to be so in your life. If you have standards, values, morals, or principles that you live by cherish them and embrace them. Regardless of how far you have gotten in life, some things should remain stationary. Your moral behavior is one of them.

6. Say no so you can say yes.
A lot of times, people commit to things that they don’t have the time or energy to follow through on. Or, they commit to too many things that just the sight of all their commitments is overwhelming. Learn to say yes to the things that you can truly give your  time and effort to. Don’t cheat people with half-assed involvement.

7. Be curious.
Our natural bent towards curiosity, adventure, and trying new things is easily neglected hen we allow ourselves to get stuck in routines. Much of routine is powered by convenience. We stop by the same coffee shop at the same time every single morning not only because we need the boost but because it’s what we’ve always done for however long we can remember. Breaking routine can do wonders to expanding your outlook and welcoming change.

8. Don’t forget to have fun.
Take a break from work and have fun. Remember when you were a kid and your parents gave you permission to take a break from homework and play games. Well, it’s kind of like that only that you’re grown up now. All work and no play makes for a very stress-filled week of endurance instead of enjoyment.

We get to decide what kind of life we live. A life driven totally by convenience will leave us feeling uninspired and even intimidated to take chances. You don’t have to feel trapped by the ease of convenience when there are many other things to explore. Take a step out of your comfortable life and expand your options. You might be surprised at what you find.

“I have known some people of very modern views driven by their distress to the use of theological terms to which they attached no doctrinal significance, merely because a drawer was jammed tight and they could not pull it out.”
— G.K. Chesterton


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