Daniella Whyte

Keeping The Real (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 272)


Psalm 119:9 (NLT)
How can a young person stay pure? By obeying your word.

We live in a world that lacks authenticity. We’re obsessed with image, status, reputation, and appearance. It’s difficult to be real when the environment we are in, the people we are around, and even ourselves are faking it to impress others. Too many of us lack character and integrity. We don’t honor our word. We skim and skate to do just enough to get by.

When we should concern ourselves with long-term effects and consequences, we instead settle for short-term situations that are good enough only for right now. Keeping the real in our lives as believers means we never waste our time and energy putting on airs.

The bible tells us that there is only one way to keep the real in our lives. It is by reading God’s word and allowing it to infiltrate our hearts and minds so that we act, think, and speak according to its principles. When you care more about what God says about you and who God wants you to be, then you’re going to do the right things regardless of your situation or people. Following God’s path sincerely helps to create character and integrity that lasts.

We must not only read God’s word (any person can sit and read a passage from scripture). God wants us to obey what he says more importantly. The only way you’re going to keep the real in your life and be authentic in your actions and words is by reading, meditating on, and obeying scripture. It takes spiritual strength and power to live with character and integrity. The person who does this successfully does so not of his own will, but of God’s might.

Keeping the real in your life goes beyond honesty. A major part of it is being willing to be vulnerable. Authenticity for believers is being broken and wearing it as a testament of God’s grace. It is intentionally, consciously putting off the old man — the old ideas, the old thoughts, the old ways — and allowing ourselves to be renewed, revived, and restored. This kind of realness opens itself up to reflecting God’s glory in every aspect of life.

It is not about appearing to have it all together. Very few of us can live up to this unrealistic idea that just because we are saved everything in our lives must be perfect. Faith and perfection could never survive in the middle of a storm. You live out your faith by revealing your struggles, admitting your mistakes, and talking to God openly and honestly about the things that break his heart in your life. When we get tired of living as a fake, we’ll seek out the real thing. We find out what’s real in God’s word.

“Authenticity and God’s love are always determined in the midst of challenge.”
— David Vigil


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