Daniella Whyte

6 More Ways We Fail at Progress (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 270)


“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”
— Frederick Wilcox

Always be willing to continue the climb. Always be willing to row to the other side despite the storm. Always be ready to take risks and anticipate the outcome. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose in life. However, if you get to know who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing, you will be more likely to set goals, overcome insecurities, and trust a power that is greater than you to help you get to where you want to go.

1. We don’t forgive.
Forgiveness is a two-way street. Of course, we should forgive other people. Albeit, this is much easier said than done. But we also need to learn to forgive ourselves. Forgive yourself for all the things you didn’t do that you should have done. And forgive yourself for all the things you did that you shouldn’t have done. Make peace with the past. Do an about-face. Start acting according to your personal values, beliefs, and standards. Forgive others, but don’t leave yourself out of the equation.

2. We hold on to our comfort zones.
We all have a space or a place that makes us feel comfortable and safe. But safe and comfortable spaces and places don’t allow us to grow or improve. If you have a tight grip on your comfortable place to the point where you stay there all the time, it could be that you don’t have goals that stretch you high enough. Learn to push yourself beyond your boundaries. This journey is hard at times, but it is necessary. If you only do safe and comfortable things, you will cease to grow in every way and possibly never realize your full potential.

3. We talk negatively to ourselves.
What you say to yourself has a powerful impact on your brain and on the direction of your life. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something or you’re going to fail at something, more than likely that self-professed affirmation (or lie) will be your reality. If you tell yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to and you will get better, you give your brain and body permission to look for ways to do just that.

4. We compare ourselves to other people.
When you compare yourself to other people and what you do in your life to what someone else is doing in their life you will ultimately fail. That failure will be coupled with disappointment, thoughts of not-good-enough, low self-esteem, and even fatal symptoms of depression. Someone once said, the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday. You are in competition with yourself. Challenge yourself to be better, to improve, to do more, and exceed your own expectations.

5. We complain, gripe, and moan (often about things we can’t control)
We live in a complaining, griping, moaning society. It is all too easy to hear someone else protest some injustice or unfairness and side with that person. It can be difficult not to be in some ways compassionate or empathic to someone who sees the world or some specific situations differently. You only have the right to complain if are willing to fix the problem. And those who fix problems usually don’t complain about them because they must spend their energies fixing.

6. We multi-task.
Let’s be honest: How can you expect to give 100% of your time and energy to each specific project if you’re doing more than one thing at the same time. It is my personal belief that multitasking is one of the greatest curses ever induced on the human race. I used to think that I could do more than one thing at a time and still be good at everything, but I’ve found that’s just not true. I’ve been more productive by completing one project before moving to another one.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”
— Benjamin Franklin

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