Daniella Whyte

At Rock Bottom? Remember 3 Things (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 265)


“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
— Moliere

I wish I could tell you that everybody who hits rock bottom survives. But you have been around too long and probably seen too much to believe that. Many people don’t make it ever up out of the pit because they feel all is hopeless and lost. But some people do. They find themselves in a situation that is unpleasant or uncomfortable, and they know deep down inside that this is not the way they were meant to live or how they imagine things should be. So they do things and tell themselves things to start the climb from rock bottom to the top.

Here are 3 things to remind yourself of when you hit rock bottom:

1. Lean in to the rocks at the bottom.
Too often when we get into a difficult spot or find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, we tend to look for the nearest exit out. When we’re sick, we want medication that will provide instant healing. When we’re in the middle of a conflict, we want the issue to be over just as quickly as it started. If we’ve just lost our job, we want another one the very next day. We don’t want to think very long or be for any length of time in the moment where trouble, pain, and problems exist.

But that’s just what we need to do sometimes. When we hit rock bottom, we need to sit there for a while. We need to allow ourselves to feel the pain instead of looking for instant relief. We must let ourselves be stuck and feel hopeless for it is at some point when we accept our reality that we also realize we are better equipped to handle and change the situation. We hit rock bottom for many different reasons. But the biggest reason is because that’s where some of us need to fall before we can get anywhere close to the top.

2. If you never had faith before, you’ll probably develop some now.
Faith can change a lot of situations that willpower cannot. Your situation may seem humanly impossible to overcome. You may look around you at the bottom of the pit and think to yourself that you’ll never get out of this. Of course, when you’re at the bottom, you have a unique perspective — a more humble perspective. And humbling situations have a tendency to breed faith. When you don’t think you can get out or even believe you will, you need something else much deeper than you to hold it all together until you reach the other side.

Sometimes the simple act of having faith, believing that good will certainly come after the bad, being hopefully that something much better will follow what seems to be the worst ever, is enough to relieve some of the fast heart beating, the sweaty palms, and the pounding headaches. Choosing to believe that what you’re going through isn’t the end of the world can help you to think rationally. Trusting in God and focusing on your goals will help you to surrender yourself to the situation, to accept what has happened as your reality, and then to work diligently without complaining to change it.

3. Engage in creativity instead of dwelling on your problems.
We’d all like to think that we can do something about every single problem that we face. We’d like to believe that we are all-powerful, even invincible, and that we can get ourselves out of every jam we get into. Cognitively and emotionally, we couldn’t survive if we didn’t believe these ideas and even prove them to be true every once in a while. But the thing about being at rock bottom is that the climb up will be very difficult. It will present its own set or challenges and you may, at times, feel like just staying at rock bottom.

It’s easy to complain and grumble when every way we see out is blocked. The more we dwell on our problems instead of working to get out of them, the more we find ourselves in the same place. Rather than dwelling on your present predicament, use that time and that space to engage in creativity. Let your mind wander and develop ideas you never thought of before. Make art. Innovate a solution to a worldwide problem. Write a book or poetry. Create any kind of music. Develop something new. Engaging in creativity helps you to transform the darkness into light, the crappiness into beauty, the damage into delight, and the sadness into joy.

“Never trust someone that claims they care nothing of what society thinks of them. Instead of conquering obstacles, they simply pretend they don’t exist.”
— Tiffany Madison

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