Daniella Whyte

Hopeful Expectations (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 262)


Psalm 130:5 (NLT)
I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word.

Isn’t it interesting how we tend to count on people more than God? We put faith in careers, relationships, activities, security, and even travel and have a good deal of expectation that people will do what they say, that we’ll arrive halfway around the world safe and sound, that we will be loved, and that our jobs are stable, and that our families are safe in the communities we live in.

How much more should we be able to count on God when he says he will do what he promises. When you pray, do you put your hope in him that he will hear and answer your prayers? To hope is to wait with expectation and anticipation that a good result will come. Oftentimes, when we pray, we do so as a matter of ritual or tradition. We heard our parents pray when we were little so we do the same thing because that’s what’s always been done.

God wants us to pray and to wait patiently for an answer, but he also wants us to wait in anticipation of that answer. To pray is to have faith because we don’t know what the final outcome of our prayers will be. But God does and because God knows, we can trust him fully and wholeheartedly. When you wait for him to answer your prayers with hopeful expectation, you show God that you not only believe his promises but you trust that they will come to pass.

We count on family, friends, and co-workers to keep their word. We can count on God to do the same thing even more. You may be feeling disillusioned right now. Perhaps you’ve been praying about something for a very long time and don’t see an answer coming any time soon. Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. When you begin to feel like it’s not going to happen or it’s not going to get any better, reaffirm that your hope is in God and be confident that you can count on him to keep his word.

God is a good Father. He knows what is best for his children. He knows when the time it right to answer and when we need to keep on waiting. Even when we don’t understand his ways and can’t figure out his silence, it is in that very moment that we are in the perfect spot to choose not to give up. Sometimes, suddenly, when we least expect it, God drops the answer we’ve been waiting for right into our laps and it is better than we imagined it would be. God honors the trust, the faith, the patience, and the hopeful expectancy of his children.

“Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectation.”
— Andrew Murray

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