Daniella Whyte

8 Habits of People Who Win (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 256)


“The man who wins may have been counted out several times, but he didn’t hear the referee.”
— H. E. Jansen

Winners have certain qualities that set them apart from everyone else. These are not deep qualities that are only identifiable of a select few. But everyone can develop a winning attitude and outlook on work and life. Success has a lot less to do with a secret and much more to do with the kind of attitude one brings to the table.

How you approach challenges? How do you handle difficult situations and people? When is it necessary to listen to others and when is it important to listen to your own mind and heart? People who win aim for long-term results and impact which is why they tend to do things differently.

Here are 8 habits of people who win:

1. They think for themselves.
Water always takes the path of least resistance. People have the tendency to do the same thing. But people who win don’t pay attention to the path everyone else is taking. They chart out their own path, do their own research, ask their own questions, and travel down their own road sometimes armed with little more than a goal and a vision.

2. They work with results in mind.
People who win do not measure success by how much time they spend on a project or how much effort they put into it. They measure success by results. They do not look at objectives at things to be done. Instead, they determine whether an objective will bring about the desired result and then work to make it happen.

3. They do less talking and more action.
Resumes are not built on hypothetical achievements. They are built on past successes. They allow people to see what is possible based upon what was already done. People who win do very little talking compared to their portfolio of dreams realized and goals reached. Talk is cheap. Words must be supported by action.

4. They seek out new challenges.
Past accomplishments are important to the extent that one keeps climbing and doing better than he has done before. People who win believe that every new challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. It is permission to follow perilously uncharted territory and improve one’s skills, talent, and vision.

5. They stick with their gut.
A mind that is set like a flint cannot easily be deterred. When a winner sets out to do something, they listen closely to that inner voice that often proves to be the best guide. They do not allow the opinions of fearful or negative people trip them up or blind them from focusing on their goals. Listening to their heart, seeking wise advice, and being determined pays great dividends.

6. They are willing to go through the process.
Most people focus on what can be gained in the short-term. They think in terms of immediacy. People who win focus on long-term gains. They may not love process, but they know the importance of going through a process until an objective if reached. Success is something that happens after a period of time has passed in which one has worked consistently, patiently, and wholeheartedly to achieve a goal.

7. They speak the truth.
The truth is a dangerous thing to reckon with. It hurts feelings, cuts through chaos, and sometimes, leaves a storm in its wake. But the truth is what ensures everyone is guided by their conscience and not by popular opinion. People who win are not afraid to speak the truth even when it hurts and when it won’t be approved by other people.

8. They stand up for others.
People who win understand what it is like to be ostracized, to feel different, or to not have the support one needs. Instead of only caring about themselves, they take time to help other people achieve their dreams. When they see a problem, they work to solve it. When they see someone else being railroaded or thrown under the bus, they speak up and stand up on their behalf.

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”
— Vince Lombardi


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