Daniella Whyte

Brick Walls (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 231)

Brick Walls

“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.”
— Jack Penn

Many times we look at obstacles as reasons for our inability to move forward. We don’t realize that the very thing we wish we didn’t face is often the very thing we need in front of us to realize our full potential. The mountain in front of us is not there to instill fear in us or to keep us back from living our dreams. Although we may think it is, it is there for an entirely different reason. Obstacles aren’t there to stop us, they are there to show us what we’re made of and what we’re capable of doing.

Think of all the people throughout history who faced an insurmountable obstacle but instead of just staring at it, they did something about it. Strangely, obstacles want to be overcome. They want to see what we are made of. Our brains, our bodies, our human ingenuity can do more things than we give it credit for. Brick walls want to be broken through. Few people know this, however, and it is those few people who actually break through those walls.

If achievement were easy, everyone would be doing it. Even if your vision is clear, the journey forward won’t be. If you can articulate a certain destiny, be assured that obstacles will be placed in your path. One thing will happen after another. Sticks and stones will be thrown out in from of you to trip you up and make you quit. Brick walls will form out of nowhere and intimidate you into not fighting back. But that is what life is about. Rising up and fighting back even when it’s hard.

It is the joy and beauty of breaking through those brick walls and clearing the obstacles away from your path that makes the journey worthwhile and enjoyable. The brick walls are not there to keep you away from your destination. They are there to keep out the people who don’t want it bad enough so they won’t waste time and energy. It is the brick walls that we break through that make us feel accomplished when we have fulfilled our mission on earth.

Just think if everything were easy and there were no mountains to climb, what would we ever accomplish. We don’t grow when things are easy or when everything is going just the way we would like. We grow when we face obstacles and meet challenges. It is the challenges that help us to develop character and the experiences of life that help us embrace strength and realize our success. All problems become smaller if we don’t run from them and instead run straight through.

The greatest gift we have all been given is the struggle of life. It makes us both patient and perseverant. It makes us sensitive and strong. It gives us a tough hide and a tender heart. It pulls us toward heaven all the while keeping our feet firmly planted in our place on earth. It teaches us that we are not the first or the last to face a thing such as an obstacle. It is always there showing us that if we believe in overcoming, we eventually will.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
— Henry Ford


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