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3 Extra Things To Remember When Problems Persist (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 229)

3 Extra Things To Remember When  Problems Persist

“When in crisis situations, never mourn along with the crises, rather speak to the crises saying, ‘Crises what opportunities are you hiding for me.’”
— Auliq-Ice

As human beings, we often only look at things through hindsight. We look at problems only after they have become evident and wonder how we could have handled it better. Sometimes we do this with success too. We reach a high pinnacle and look back and wonder how we got there. We’ll never escape the problems of life, but what we can do is learn from one problem and anticipate problems that might arise in the future and plan our response or reaction before we even have to deal with it. It’s kind of like being in the military. Soldiers are put in a semblance of a battle to plan what they will do when the reality of war hits them. It works the same way with our problems. It much easier to plot a strategy beforehand than to rush one together when everything has hit the fan.

Here are three things to remember when problems seem to persist and you’d rather not go through the experience:

1. Scars are signs that you are strong.
In our ongoing futile attempt to be perfect, we work feverishly to hide our scars, our flaws, the parts of our lives that we don’t want anybody to see. But we need to understand that scars are not things to be ashamed of. They are part of our existence and they are proof that whatever we went through did not break us down or beat us up. It means you have overcome some difficulty, learned some lesson, and by doing so grew stronger and perhaps wiser, and moved on in your life.

The scars in your life are there for a reason. You can’t make them disappear but you can change your perspective about them. Begin to see your scars as signs of strength. As proof that you survived, you made it through, and you’re still here to tell about. The strongest souls have emerged out of the dark night of pain and suffering.

2. Identify what you value most and what you can release.
Too often we tend to hold on to things that we should let go of. Some of us hold on to things because that’s all we’ve ever known. What we have in our hand or in our environment is familiar to us and no matter how negative it is, we don’t want to know what it feels like to not have those things or that person around. This is one of the reasons why people stay in bad relationships because it has become their normal and they don’t want their normal to change.

When everything seems to be going wrong in your life, it is a good moment to sit down and identify what matters the most to you and who you care about the most. The things and people you value, you will fight to keep. Whatever you find that you do not value or care about deeply, it is time to pull out the broom and dustpan and sweep it all away. Release whatever it is that is keeping you back from developing and sustaining a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

3. Every small struggle is a big step in the right direction.
Patience is a lot more than waiting; it’s the ability to enjoy the process of waiting. It is working hard on your dreams with a good attitude despite the obstacles and difficulties. So if you’re going to do something and spend any amount of time and energy on it, be willing to go all the way to the end. Don’t drop out in the middle or when you run into a seemingly insurmountable problem. Otherwise, there’s no point in starting at all.

A lot of patience is sacrifice. It is going without, training when you prefer to be playing, eating vegetables when you’d like to eat sweets, accepting criticism, spending time in solitude, keeping your head down, getting out of your comfort zone. All of the things that give us the space we need to create great things. Everything beyond patience is a test of your determination and dedication. And every step you take is a step in the right direction. Every step of the journey is worth the struggle, worth the fight, worth the pain, to get to your destination.

“No more crying. Tears only cause destructive floods. When you are sad, you build a boat.”
— Katherine Russell

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