Daniella Whyte

Give Yourself a Hand Clap (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 218)

Give Yourself a Hand Clap

“Make time to celebrate your accomplishments, not matter how big or small.”
— Unknown

We live in a world that is increasingly more accustomed to spotlights and celebrities. We worship red carpet appearances, awards shows, and recognition of achievement. We praise people for how they look, what they wear, where they live, what they drive, when they vacation, and what they do. Pats on the back and applause are seemingly expected by the vast majority for a select few.

But what about when it comes to your own accomplishments? Do you stand them up against someone else’s to see how you measure up? Do you think that another person is so much better than you or seemingly more educated or creative than you that you hide your achievements away from the spotlight? Do you outwardly appreciate others but inwardly begrudge them?

You see, you haven’t really learned to appreciate your life until you can appreciate the strength it takes to work through each day and give yourself a hand clap when it is all over. We learn and we grow and each day we make progress toward our goals is a cause for celebration. You will always feel insignificant if you compare your success to someone else’s. Don’t do that. You may never know what it took for them get to a place where they are recognized by others.

In order to be celebrated by others, you must first know when and how to celebrate yourself. Your success is important, if to no one else, it should be to you. Those who are loved by others are those who have learned to love themselves. Those whose ideas and innovations are celebrated and praised by others are the people who have learned to celebrate every little bit of progress all along the way.

You need to learn how to give yourself a hand clap sometimes. Knowing that you appreciate what you do and how far you’ve come only gives you more strength and hope to keep going. Look back over the things that used to scare you and reflect on how you overcame them. Analyze where you went wrong and celebrate what you got right. As you continue to make progress, you will find new fears less menacing and your accomplishments will put you on your own red carpet.

“Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher every time you succeed.”
— Mia Hamm


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