Daniella Whyte

Irrational Fears (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 210)

Irrational Fears

“Fears are stories we tell ourselves.”
— Cheryl Strayed

Imagine what you could accomplish if there was never such a thing as fear? Fear can be crippling. It can imprison us to our own thoughts and feelings and prevent us from taking action. It renders us ineffective when it comes to making decisions and causes us to stay stagnant simply because we do not know anything about the unknown.

The good thing to remember is that most of our fears are irrational. We have an immense ability to project and to enlarge. We take small problems and turn them into big ones. We automatically think the worst first, imagine that things are a certain way when they really are not and so on. Our ability to project can be used to produce positive or negative results.

We also have a wonderful capacity to imagine, visualize, and conceptualize things. Thinking things up may be good for creativity. After all, every new thing ever made was first created in the human mind. But this ability to imagine can at times be more of a liability than an asset. When the things we imagine provoke fear, it gets in the way of our dreams and goals.

The “what if” scenario can confuse us so much that we don’t take action. And when we don’t take action, nothing gets done. You have more control over the “what if” situations of life more than you think because when you realize most of the things you worry about and fear don’t make sense, you take all power away from those very things.

Some people tend to linger on what ifs more than others. However, at some point, you will come to the realization that most of the things you’re worried about are either out of your control or in your power to change. Worrying has no place when things are beyond your control. And you have everything you need to change a situation when it is all up to you in the first place. You learn to let go of what you can’t control.

Take a minute to analyze all the things you worry about and all the things you’re afraid of. Count up how many of these fears actually materialized. Doing this can help you overcome present concerns and fears. You strip fear of its power when you recognize that it is unreal and often irrational. You shouldn’t fear a test when it is in your power to study hard so you will do well. You shouldn’t fear not getting a job when it is in your power to present yourself as the best employee possible and to be open to every opportunity that comes your way.

When we realize that most of our fears are irrational, we are motivated to move forward. All roadblocks and obstacles are removed, the blinders fall off our eyes, and we are propelled to take the next step and then the next one until we get to where we want to go. Don’t allow your fear of what could happen cause you to make nothing happen.

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”
— W. Clement Stone


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