Daniella Whyte

3 More Things to Help You Make Big Changes (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 209)

3 More Things to  Help You Make  Big Changes

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
— Socrates

Fear can be crippling. Fear of the present, of the future, of the unknown, of rejection, and of many other things can cause us to be paralyzed and feel imprisoned. When we become paralyzed, we are ineffective and our life is unfulfilled.

Fear of change can cause us to be frustrated. It can push us into a corner, cause us to cower under pressure, and bind up our minds into thinking we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough. It can keep us from moving forward. And not moving forward is a dangerous position to be in.

It is never a good idea to attempt to make changes in big leaps. It is always best to take it one step at a time. Gradually. Incrementally. Make progress towards change. This is especially useful when we don’t have all the answers, when we are worried, or when we feel stuck.

Fear can be crippling but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three more things that can help you make the changes you need to make in life:

1. Most times, you will never have all the information you want up-front.

Decisions look easier to make in hindsight. But hindsight isn’t where decisions are made. We often avoid making the tough decisions because we want more information, maybe we even need more information. Sure, you should do your homework and ask questions. But if you are just sitting there waiting for the right solution to drop into your lap, you will be waiting all the days of your life. Life is ultimately a process that includes gambles, guesses, and test retakes. Never get stuck with indecision. Use what you have and make the best decision you can at that moment so you can always be moving forward.

2. You need to trust your most basic instincts and wisdom.

We all have at least a little bit of trepidation when it comes to trusting our gut. This results from the fact that we know that we are not perfect and very far from it. However, we make excuses for not making the changes we know we should make only because we don’t trust ourselves to do so. We worry that the path before us is uncleared and therefore we won’t know how to act or react when we encounter new situations. You need to believe that the change you seek is in your best interest and then have the courage to move forward. You figured out a way before. Perhaps there is a very good chance you could do so again.

3. Effort is half the work.

Most of us don’t make the changes that we should, not because we can’t, but because we don’t try at all. Change is hard and painful and we don’t like hard and painful things. So we resort to staying the way we are. We don’t put in the effort because it is easier to make excuses when we don’t achieve our goals or get to where we intended to go. We haven’t gotten a new job because we haven’t tried. We failed the test because we didn’t study. We didn’t make the cut on the sports team because we didn’t practice hard enough. It’s very simple. Everything can’t be chalked up as nebulous failure if we don’t even put in the work. If you just try to change, you will win many more times in life than you will lose.

“You change your life by changing your heart.”
— Max Lucado


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