Daniella Whyte

3 Plain Habits of Seriously Creative People (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 206)

3 Plain Habits of  Seriously Creative  People

“It seems to be one of the paradoxes of creativity that in order to think originally, we must familiarize ourselves with the ideas of others.”
— George Kneller

The highest reward anyone can receive for creative work is the inner ability and heart to be creative. Creativity brings with it a satisfying joy and meaningful expression that cannot be undermined or mistaken. Truly creative people don’t worry about applause or promotions or being recognized in any way for their work. Their work is beautiful to them first. They love their work so much that even if it was rejected by every single soul on earth it would still be wonderful to them because it is their creation. You must remember God didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion about the world. He just created it and said, “it is good”. You must have the same love, intimacy, and thrill about your work.

Here are 3 habits of seriously creative people:

1. They follow instructions until it becomes boring.
Give a seriously creative person the task of building a model airplane for their kid and they will start by following the instruction manual. But after the first few points, you may find that they have ditched the manual to do it all on their own. Or they may have had a much better idea than the model airplane to begin with. A set of instructions can get really boring for creative types and when it does, they will go off on one of their own.

2. They are expressive in the worst and amazing possible ways.
You’ll notice when a seriously creative person is speaking, they have a tendency to be very animated with their body movements, hand signs, and facial expressions. They can also talk without talking which can be annoying to those who don’t read non-verbal cues. Sometimes their expression can leave you wondering if it’s them or just you.

3. They are differently organized.
A seriously creative person will most likely be the opposite of a neat freak. On the surface, their environment can be completely chaotic but they are still able to produce highly creative and amazing work. Their desk can be messy and their files strewn across the room, but they will know where everything that they need and want is. And some people like it that way.

“Conditions for creativity are to be puzzled, to concentrate, to accept conflict and tension, to be born everyday, to feel a sense of self.”
— Erich Fromm

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