Daniella Whyte

The Highest Calling (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 196)

The Highest Calling

Joshua 24:15 (NLT)
But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.

Many people believe that one must be a preacher, minister, or hold some other position in a church in order to serve the Lord. But that isn’t the case. All believers are not called to be ministers within a church, but we all are called to do what we do in service (ministry) to God and others. Serving is the highest calling one can have. 

The truth is, we’re going to be serving someone every day of our lives. We’re either going to serve ourselves, serve others, serve the devil, or serve God. You can serve the Lord right where you are in any arena that you find yourself in. When God sent Jesus to die on the cross, he gave us everything he had. He put everything on the line for us to have eternal life.

Giving God everything we have is how he wants us to live our lives. It takes courage to be faithful and make the decision everyday to serve the Lord. There will be people who will try to knock you out of the race and situations that you will encounter in which you will be tempted to compromise. When this happens, you need only to remember what Christ did for you and reaffirm your commitment to serve Him in all you do.

“Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God.”
— Rick Warren


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