Daniella Whyte

Look For the Success You Want (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 180)

Look For the Success You Want

“Seek the essence of ‘What is’, as well as ‘What can be’.”
— Steven Redhead

Most successful people know that in order to be successful, one has to stay focused. Many people don’t get to the point in their lives where they realize their success because they don’t look for it. Success in anything doesn’t just happen; it has to be intentionally sought and worked for. 

It is really important to get your mind focused on what can be done to reach your goals. When obstacles arise, focus on what can be done to overcome them, not just on the obstacle itself. A hazy and listless view is often the result when we choose to only see obstacles instead of the opportunities that subtly lie right there.

One way you can look for the success you want to obtain in life is by obtaining information and inspiration from other people who have walk the same path. No matter where one finds success in business, politics, religious life, writing, medicine, or any other field, there are fundamentals that are common among all of us.

Ask questions. Seek out answers to difficult problems. Let other people uplift you on your journey. Keep yourself on track by keeping your goals front and center and fixing it in your mind that anything you want to do can be done so long as you are willing to have faith and put in the work to make it happen. People who have reached their goals will help to reinforce your belief that your dreams can be achieved.

One of the marks of success is being willing to share information. You will find people like this. They are happy about their own path in life and where it has brought them. And they are equally as excited to share what they know, extend a hand to someone else, and help them realize their goals. Find people that you can talk to and gain new knowledge and information that can help you.

You must understand something. No matter who they are, what they do, how much money they make, or how important they appear to be, at their very core, they are all just humans. Just like you and me. If you’re intent on developing a positive mindset that doesn’t shy away from failure and sees opportunity when others don’t, you have to learn to humble and be willing to be taught.

“If you want the answer—ask the question.”
— Lorii Myers


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