Daniella Whyte

3 Bold Signs You’re Doing Just Fine (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 144)

3 Bold Signs You’re Doing Just Fine

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Be happy when nothing goes your way. When everything is not perfect, and the coffee machine does start, and your bedroom is in shambles, and you can’t seem to get it together. Be happy when everything and everyone just seems to have a mind of its own. It’s not so bad. If you can see it as such, you really are doing just fine. 

Here are 3 signs you’re doing just fine:

1. You are excited about the future. You know you’re doing just fine in life when you look expectantly forward. The future is not something to be feared, but to be embraced. When you are excited about possibilities and open for opportunities to come your way, you boldly continue striving. See every experience as a school teacher and yourself as his dutiful student.

2. You believe everything works out for some purpose. You can’t always connect the dots at the very present moment. But if you keep on traveling, believing, and trusting, the dots will eventually get connected. If you believe that everything you experience, every person you encounter, and ever situation you go through is for a reason, you will eventually find that reason out.

3. You paid the bills. It doesn’t matter how much you bemoaned writing those checks or punching in those card card digits. What matters is that you did it. And maybe you even had some money left over to spend on non-essentials or to save for a rainy day. If you can pay your bills each month without breaking the bank, you are doing just fine.

“I work hard. I pay my bills. I maintain myself. I’m independent. When you see me, know that’s all me. I’m not kept; I do the keeping.”
— Unknown


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