Daniella Whyte

3 Possible Signs You’re Moving Forward (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 130)

3 Possible Signs You’re Moving Forward

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”
— Kobe Bryant

Commitment determines whether or not we will succeed. Success in anything can only be experience by persistence. To push forward, prevail, and be victorious is the stuff life is made of. One cannot expect to move forward in any capacity without first going through moments of struggle. Almost, but not quite, is never good enough. Many people with the best intentions start, but very few people finish. 

Here are three more signs you’re moving forward in life even if you don’t feel it:

1. When you keep your commitments. Our relationships are as reliable as our words. If people cannot count on us to do as we say we will do, then our relationships will grow weak and eventually dissolve. You’ve realized that bailing on a commitment is a sign of a much deeper problem. It destroys trust and devastates credibility. Honesty is much more than telling the truth; it’s being the truth in every respect, including keeping your word.

2. When you influence others without trying. We all have been blessed with a network of people with whom we communicate on a daily basis. At home, school, work, and social settings, you have the power to influence your circle no matter the size. You’ve realized that you can’t make much of an impact unless you can influence the people around you for good. When you start doing that, you’ve begun to make some progress in your life.

3. When you drop your need to always be right. The desire to always be in the right has ruined more relationships than we have fingers to count. You understand, however, that when you lose the idea that being right is your right, you open the door to learn new things about yourself and from others. The right to be wrong sometimes is a blessing. You’ve trained your ego not to let you down when other people prove to be right. And that’s a good thing.

“No one is busy in this world. It’s all about priorities.”
— Unknown


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