Daniella Whyte

Living on Different Terms (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 113)

Living on Different Terms

Jeremiah 10:23 (NLT)
I know, Lord, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course.

Because of our finite wisdom, we are wholly unable to control our destiny. Our limited understanding about God and life coupled with our propensity to sin and failure renders us unable to direct our own steps. What seems right to us is almost never right to God. And what God says is right many times doesn’t make sense to us. Man’s thoughts are not God’s thoughts. Similarly, man’s ways fall short of God’s divine plan. 

Our lives are not our own as Scripture tells us. They are God’s because He gave life to us. And life will return to Him at the end of our days. There are times in life when we will encounter trials and difficulties. Oftentimes, we don’t realize that God is the One placing us in situations that on the surface look hard. Underneath all of that, God is trying to teach us to trust Him and to willingly obey His voice. Trust and obedience are two of the most important lessons we can ever learn.

Because we do not know which way we should go, God directs us in unconventional ways. When He pushes us to the edge of a cliff, two things will happen. He will prove His faithfulness by catching us if we begin to fall. Or He will begin to reveal His divine will for our lives by teaching us to flow in the path He has set before us. We can trust God not because we have all the answers, but because He is the answer we need.

It is important that we realize nothing can happen in our lives without God’s permission. God will not allow us to encounter trouble that we cannot handle. He will not permit difficulty to cross our path unless it is a part of His purpose and plan for our lives. If we learn to trust beyond reservation and follow without limitation, we will eventually experience God on a higher level. Take comfort in knowing that God has life already figured out so you can trust Him.

“Faith is believing that God is going to take you places before you even get there.”
— Matthew Barnett

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