Daniella Whyte

Act Like You’ve Been Forgiven (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 98)

Act Like You’ve Been Forgiven

Isaiah 43:25 (NLT)
I—yes, I alone—will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.

Some of the most relieving words you will ever hear are, “I forgive you.” When you’ve done something wrong, offended a friend in the worst possible way, didn’t make good on a promise, or any range of things, a weight is lifted from your heart when the offended party tells you that you’re forgiven. These words have been spoken already by God to every single person in the world. 

God forgave your sins and my sins — past, present, and future when He sent His Son to die on the cross for us. He didn’t just do it for us; He did it for Himself too. God doesn’t remember our sins. He doesn’t hold it over our heads and beat us up with it every day. He doesn’t remind us of who we used to be, what we used to do, or how we used to act. God is too loving and too gracious for that.

There is no sin, no mistake, no failure too great that God cannot forgive. When He forgives us, He forgets about it. He wants us now to forgive ourselves. You don’t have to live in guilt or walk through life in shame. So many people waste God’s forgiveness by allowing themselves to continuously feel guilty and condemned. Jesus has already made very wrong turn and ill-advised action right in the sight of God. You don’t have time to waste with bitterness and regrets. God offers a fresh supply of grace and forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel forgiven — you are forgiven. The Bible says, “Love covers a multitude of sins.” God’s love is so vast and so deep that it covers everything we’ve done or ever will do. This is no excuse to keep sinning, but it is permission to celebrate the freedom God has called us to live in. When you know who you are in Christ, you will confess your sins, receive forgiveness, and walk in boldness. Act like you’ve been forgiven.

“It is a hard thing to let go of mistakes we’ve made and sins. God wants us to do that because He knows the guilt and the condemnation will keep us from becoming who He has created us to be.”
— Joel Osteen


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