Daniella Whyte

Heavenly Minded (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 90)

Heavenly Minded

Colossians 3:2 (NLT)
Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.

What do you think about on a daily basis? What do you choose to focus on? Are you more interested in temporary material possessions or eternal treasures? Our thoughts proceed out of our hearts. Wherever our hearts are, there will our minds be also. A mind that is set on Heaven is the start for a Heaven-centered life.

God wants us set our affection upon things that are good and wholesome and let our heart’s desires be towards such things. To be in Christ means we should set our minds to think of Heavenly things and not look to the world to give us peace, hope, or joy. When we strive to think like God things and focus on the treasure that is up above, there is little time to be depressed about the cares of this world.

This afflictions and disappointments we face on earth are but for a little while. It may seem like a long time to us, but it is a very short time to God. For the Christian, there is a far more glorious place than this world can ever imagine. When we choose to think of the things that bring God glory, we set ourselves up to enjoy God’s choicest blessings and richest possessions.

To be heavenly minded is to seek and desire a place that far exceeds this one. Things on earth are in direct opposition to the things stored above. Our expectation should be limited here but our anticipation and joy soars when we focus on what and Who is up above. Lift your mind and your spirit by thinking about God and His plan for you. Make a commitment to rejoice in all things and be an investor in eternity.

“If you’re a child of God, you do not just ‘go around once’ on Earth. You don’t get just one earthly life. You get another one far better and without end. You’ll inhabit the New Earth.”
— Randy Alcorn


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