Daniella Whyte

Make the Dreaded Nearly Impossible (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 81)

Make the Dreaded Nearly Impossible

“To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.”
— Sir Walter Scott

With constant pressure coming our way to be better, get smarter, and produce more, it can be hard to do the things we actually dread. The difficult part of staying motivated is just that — staying motivated. Staying positive and on top of our game through all the work we have to do on a regular basis is work in and of itself. We should get credit for it, but we probably don’t.

One of the ways you can get busy on doing the things you dread to do is by making that thing impossible to not do. Of course, this takes a little discipline because you can always change your mind. But if you fix it so that you don’t make excuses about doing it, it is more likely to get done by you. Leave yourself physical notes so that literally everywhere you go, you are visually reminded of the thing you must do.

For example, if you hate studying for a test or writing a research paper, put your textbooks front and center on your desk. When you go to your computer the next morning (providing it is also on your desk), it will be the first thing that you see. That visual reminder will give you the impetus you need to get busy studying or researching. If you don’t always eat healthy but have been warned by your doctor that you should, try putting all the healthy foods in the front of your refrigerator or cupboard. This way when you get hungry and pop the refrigerator open, you will see what you need to eat first.

The thing about making what you dread nearly impossible to do is to actually be committed to it. You see, unadulterated commitment answers a lot of questions for you. The first and main question it answers is whether or not you should do what you already know you should do. Many times, the only way the worst gets done first is if we choose to do it first. When you commit, you actually commit to take action, not just try. Taking small steps to do what you dread will put you in the best position to ultimately succeed.

“No one gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.”
— Elbert Hubbard

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