Daniella Whyte

Love One Another Deeply (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 80)

Love One Another Deeply

1 Peter 4:8 (NLT)
Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

Love and forgiveness are the two most powerful forces in the universe. Nothing is more evident and made more real to us than the love Jesus showed to the world when He died on the cross and extended to us forgiveness of our sins — past, present, and future. The reality of love, however dimly it may seem to exist in the world, should prevail and shine in our own lives as a testament to the forgiveness that has been given to us.

In this verse, Peter tells us that the most important thing we can do is love one another deeply. To love one another deeply goes beyond mere words. It implies that we are to have a healthy and godly affection for other people to the point that we desire their welfare to be good and strive to encourage them to abundant life in God. This love is not surface, but extends to the depths of the soul. It is not cold, but warm; it is not sometimey, but consistent; it is not fake, but sincere.

We have not learned to be like Christ until we have learned how to love. In carrying out our love for others, we forgive others just as we have been forgiven. True charity covers a multitude of sins. Love propels us, inclines us, move us, drives us, and even forces us to forgive and forget offenses committed against us. Rather than gossip and spread far and wide sins that have been committed among the brotherhood, we facilitate the offender brother or sister to the path of reconciliation. Love like God is love beyond flaws.

When Jesus died on the cross, He showed the utmost, unconditional, uncomplicated kind of love that we all should have in our hearts. He proved His love by paving the way for mercy and grace to reign free. He promised to extend forgiveness to those who extend forgiveness to others. Jesus’ example of deep love for us, indirectly shows us how to love one another. All sincere Christians know what it is like to be loved deeply and forgiven completely. It is God’s will that we reflect this love and forgiveness not just in words, but in thoughts, actions, and attitudes.

“Don’t save up God’s love for later; spend it like you’re going out of business. We’re rivers, not reservoirs.”
— Bob Goff

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