Daniella Whyte

Care For Your Mind (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 60)

Care For Your Mind

“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”
— Frank McCourt

It has been said that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Indeed, there is much truth to that statement. What goes into our minds will eventually show up in our lives. The direction our minds go in will gradually be the path the rest of our lives take. It is counterproductive to believe we can think one way but go another. The more we intentionally control what goes into our mind and what is the result of it, the stronger our minds will be. 

It takes little effort to allow our minds to drift into never-land. It is the person who takes control of his mind and realizes that the power lies in his hands to guide his mind and his life, who ultimately succeeds. Many times, our childhood, environment, or past behaviors weigh us down like too much baggage on a plane. Instead of doing the hard work of digging through this stuff and throwing away the trash, we tend to hold on to all of it because it is so much easier to do.

We readily spend millions of dollars and a colossal amount of time and energy taking care of our bodies. But the same dedication does not always apply to the mind. While we think of the mind as something outside of our control, it is not. You have the power to bring your thoughts under subjection. The mind must be tamed in order to experience a higher level of living.

Like water that takes the shape of the container it is put in, the mind can roll on endlessly in any direction it chooses to go on its own. But like a wild child in a grocery store who must be instructed on how to behavior, we are responsible for parenting our minds. You don’t have to be in search of enlightenment or be a monk in a monastery to care for your mind. Everyday, you can experience less stress, cultivate more creativity, and enjoy more of life by training your mind to think and act in accordance with your life goals, vision, and values.

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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