Daniella Whyte

Dreaming Possible (365 Days of Spirited Living – DAY 25)

Dreaming Possible

“Our dream, the desire that is in our soul, did not come out of nowhere. Someone placed it there. And that Someone, who is pure love and wants only our happiness, did so only because he also gave us the tools to realise our dreams and our desires.”
— Paulo Coelho

We are all capable of doing so much, yet very often, we end up doing so little. There is no guarantee that we will succeed at anything. There is a guarantee that we never have a chance of succeeding if we do not try. We are able to dream not for the sake of dreaming. We are able to dream because possibility lies beyond our dreams. We dream not because we need something but because we already have everything we need.

Without enormous imagination and passionate dreaming, we lose the chance to engage with possibilities. You see, possibilities — ideas, opportunities, thoughts — have the power to shock us and transform us in the most amazing ways. Your destiny is awakened and pushed to bloom by the dreams you dare to realize.

One of the saddest things in the world is a person who does not believe anything is possible. So many things are possible so long as we continue to believe that they are. The minute we give up is the minute possibilities for us often die. We fight for what we want. We believe for what we desire. And those who have faith that anything is possible often get their wish.

The power of dreaming is its ability to show us what we are really capable of doing — and to make us believe we actually can. Possibilities inspire progress. Dreams create the future. They weave together our past and present into a beautiful tapestry that defines who we hope to become.

Dreaming is a great way to pay your future a visit now. Don’t give up on what could be, what you hope to be. The “maybe I should” or the “I think I should” is your dream inviting you to pursue it. It may be the first step toward something you’ve always wished for. Don’t ignore it. Accept the invitation to the best race of your life.

“It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.”
— Nicholas Sparks

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