Daniella Whyte

Bring Your Dead Dreams To Life


Dreams never really die. Somewhere under the microscope of life, dreams live on. They grow. Every now and then, they come back to the forefront of our mind to remind us that they cannot be forgotten.

As children, we are often taught to dream big and that there is no limit to what we can accomplish. However, at some point in our journey called life, the reality and responsibility of adulthood embraces us, and we become more concerned with comfort and security. We avoid risks for fear of what could happen, to the neglect that it might not happen at all. For the most part, we take care to value our time, count our money, and a host of other things that keep us moving in some certain direction.

We should never discount our dreams no matter how old we get or how hard life gets. What we dream often leads to our purpose. The dreams that were in our hearts and minds however long ago are still there, waiting to be resurrected. Success in life largely depends on our choices and the courage we have to make our dreams come to pass. Radical thinking and radical actions are the starting points for a radical life.

Katrina Mayer said, “Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.” The greatest risk you will ever take is to find out what excites you and to follow it until it ends. When you believe in something, unquestionably and unapologetically, you believe it all the way. When you reach this point, nothing and nobody can stop you.

Take a moment to listen to your heart and to reflect on your life’s dreams. Whatever they are, however crazy and risky and difficult they appear to be, write them down, and determine to make them happen. When you pursue your dreams, you find the courage to try things that seem impossible to achieve.

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