Daniella Whyte

Obedience Leads to a Life Without Fear (Fearless Living #1)


Genesis 3:9-10, NIV
But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

What often happens when criminals get caught? They run or hide from the law. Let’s say that a man has robbed a convenience store. He already knows deep inside of him that what he has done is wrong. Therefore, he feels guilty. When he hears the police car siren down the street, he takes off running as quickly as he can. He fears the consequences of his actions.

This is what happened to Adam and Eve. God had given them a beautiful garden as well as something to do in that garden. He also gave them one command — just one — to not eat the fruit of a certain tree in the middle of the garden. They could eat from all the other trees in the garden except this one. This seemed to be a simple enough rule until Satan slithered into the garden and convinced them otherwise.

As soon as Adam and Eve broke God’s rule, they became aware of themselves as “the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked.” When God came looking for them, Adam does not admit the sin that they have committed immediately, but by indirectly admitting to his awareness of his nakedness, he admitted to his sin. Guilt and shame overtook them, and they became afraid. Adam and Eve were so afraid that they hid from God.

When Adam and Eve were first created, they had a respectful fear, a wonderful awe of God. But after sin had taken root, they experienced the kind of fear that results from terror. Instead of God being their friend, they considered Him to be a stranger.

The consequences of sin are devastating. Sin causes fear to invade our hearts and lives and hinder our fellowship with God. Fear separates us from the mercy and grace of God. It drives a wedge between our souls and our need for God’s forgiveness. The voice of God no longer is a voice of comfort and peace, but one of conviction and judgment. Fear hinders us from approaching God. If we do not correct sin and get it right, fear will dismantle our relationship and lead us on a pathway that is far from the life God intends for us to live.

Disobedience causes fear as is evident from Adam and Eve. But obedience leads to a fearless life. When we cease fighting against obedience, and obedience becomes our goal, God will give us the power and strength to follow the path He has set for a fulfilled life. When we disobey God, we hinder ourselves from experiencing God’s best. When we choose obedience, we open the door for God to bless our lives beyond our wildest imaginations.

Lord, give us a heart that seeks to obey You no matter what. Deliver us from listening to the voice of the devil and the world and help us to seek Your face and choose to follow Your perfect plan for us. We say YES to Your will, Your way, and Your word. By doing so, we know that blessings resulting from our obedience will come our way. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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