Daniella Whyte

New Release! “Gratitude Is…” Now Available!

Gratitude Is...

Gratitude Is…

Gratitude is one of those words that comes across as an idea, an afterthought, as something obviously to be done in passing without much thought. But sometimes, the deeper meaning of gratitude and the benefits that come from it are overlooked. In favor of what we consider to be more important virtues, gratitude often slips to the very last position on our list or never even makes the cut. In the pages of Gratitude Is… readers will discover what gratitude is, why it is essential to living an abundant life, and uncover the wonderful results that come from developing a lifestyle of gratitude.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction – This Thing Called Gratitude
2. Gratitude Is…Joy
3. Gratitude Is…Contentment
4. Gratitude Is…A Choice
5. Gratitude Is…Freedom
6. Gratitude Is…Peace
7. Gratitude Is…Appreciation for the Small Stuff
8. Gratitude Is…Giving and Service

Available on Amazon Kindle | or Right Here at DaniellaWhyte.com

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