Daniella Whyte

Turn It Over to God

Turn It Over to God

“And Jesus said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27).

Are you trying to reach a goal or accomplish a task and find it difficult to get past the first step? Are you struggling to bring a dream to pass? Or are you getting frustrated because you’re trying to change someone or change a situation and it’s just not working? Sure, you have a good heart and you have even better intentions, but if you’re trying to push things to happen on your time, you will get frustrated at yourself, and in certain cases, take that frustration out on other people. Doing this can be detrimental to your success and to your relationships.

We all want to be in control. We all want to feel powerful and feel as though we are the captain of our lives. But there are some things, which happen to be most things, that we need to turn over to God. We have to trust Him that He has our best interests at heart, that He is looking out for us, and that He cares about the decisions we make in life. Nothing is too hard for God to handle. Nothing is impossible with God. No problem lacks a solution, no battle lacks a victory, no heartbreak lacks comfort when God is in control.

Well, how do you turn things over to God? You can start by making a simple choice to remove your hands and your will from the situation and let God handle it. Tell God, ‘Lord, I choose right now to let You be in control of me and this situation. I remove myself from it and resign the outcome to Your will. I trust You because nothing is impossible with You.’

Now, start thanking God for what He is about to do. One of the best ways to let go of worry is to start thanking and praising God for what He is about to do because of the faith you placed in Him to handle your situation. It is impossible to be worried and grateful at the same time. Looking forward and expecting God to work on your behalf will fill you with hope, joy, and gratitude. Being thankful is a sign that you are choosing to trust God.

So today, drop the worry, the anxiety, and the doubt and turn everything over to God. He has power and might that is unmatched and immeasurable. Give Him control and He will turn your situation around in a way you never could have dream of. The same God who created you and holds you in His hands is the same God who can handle any situation you face. Trust Him and let Him do the impossible in Your life.

Lord, we turn every difficult situation, every trouble, every worry, every care, and every anxiety over to you right now. You are the God that holds all power in Your hands. We are thankful that You have our best interests at heart and we are holding on to Your promise that You will work everything out for our good and Your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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