Daniella Whyte

Never Give Up On Your Dream

This week, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington and the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King was the face of the civil rights movement that not only fought for justice and equality for black Americans, but for freedom and justice for all Americans. Fifty years ago, King’s dream seemed impossible, even a long ways off from becoming a reality. The hope that he had for his people and thus for America as a nation could have easily been squashed with the difficult situations of each day. Nevertheless, with all the setbacks and disappointments he encountered, he never stopped dreaming. King never gave up on his dream. He was willing to hold on to his dream for as long as it would take to come to pass.

God gave King his dream. Likewise, God has given all of us a dream. It may not be the same as King’s dream; in fact, it is not. God gives us all difference dreams for different times in our lives. Dreams never die, but sometimes, people give up on their dreams before they have time to come to pass. So often, we wish for things to happen immediately, but we fail to realize that the best things in life take time. They also take a lot of hard work, determination, perseverance, effort, and action.

Dr. King could have given up when the first bomb was set off at his house. He could have quit when the dogs were unleashed upon him or the water hoses were turned up to their highest force. He could have hung up his hat and pushed his dream out of his mind when he was placed in jail multiple times, sent death threats, and feared for his family. But King knew something that many of us fail to realize, that is, that we kill our own dreams when we give up, but the more we press on and push forward, the clearer our dream becomes and the more we see our dream fulfilled.

King, unfortunately, did not live to see his dream come to pass. Someone else tried to kill his dream by taking his life. But you see, nothing or no one can kill a dream. Dreams have wings and they fly. They are invisible engines in our souls, hearts, and minds that propel us forward. We may be imprisoned, but our dream can never be put in prison. We may be hurt, but our dream cannot be wounded. We may not have the best of everything or have the easiest life, but our dreams are safe and secure, wrapped in the potential and possibility of seeing the light of day. King saw his dream every morning, took it with him throughout the day, and slept with it at night. He may have felt physically weary on many occasions, but his dream was always running, never stopping, never fainting, never concerned with the negativity of others.

King had a dream not just for himself, but for a whole race of people, an entire country. He did not get to see his dream come to pass, and he said as much, when he stated, “I may not get there with you.” But King, deep down in his soul, that one day, his people, black people, white people, brown people, and every other race of people, would be free from the bondage, oppression, and depression of segregation and injustice. He said, “We as a people will get to the promised land.” Often, we can see our dream in the distance. We may not be able to touch it, but if we hold on an dream long enough, your dream will come to pass too.

Dreams make take a long time to come to pass, but they never die. King’s dream took a long time, but it never died. No matter how hard it seems, how long the road, how difficult the journey, never ever give up on your dreams. Dream On!

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